Usher’s ex-wife wants to drain Georgia’s largest lake, where a boater fatally struck her son

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Drain Lake Lanier

Tameka Foster, the former spouse of R&B artist Usher, is advocating for the emptying and restoration of Georgia’s largest lake, where her son was fatally struck 11 years prior.

Foster, a fashion designer, has garnered over 2,500 endorsements on her online appeal demanding the “draining, cleansing, and reviving” of Lake Sidney Lanier. Her intent is to allow for safety upgrades and the clearing of dangerous rubble and other impediments.

In a tragic incident that took place in July 2012, her 11-year-old son, Kile Glover, whom she had with Bounce TV creator Ryan Glover, lost his life. Kile was hit by a personal watercraft while he was enjoying a ride on an inner tube in the lake.

Through her change.org petition, which she also publicizes on her Instagram account, Foster writes, “It’s not only necessary to drain, clean, and restore Lake Lanier, but it’s also an opportunity to remember those who have tragically lost their lives and to prevent future calamities.”

Lake Lanier, situated approximately an hour’s drive northeast of Atlanta, spans almost 60 square miles (155 square kilometers) with waters reaching depths of up to 160 feet (49 meters). The lake is not only a popular retreat for millions of boaters, anglers, and other visitors annually but also serves critical functions.

According to the Chattahoochee Riverkeeper conservation group, the lake supplies drinking water to about 5 million individuals. Additionally, Buford Dam, located at the southern tip of the lake, produces hydroelectric power for the metropolitan Atlanta area.

The Army Corps of Engineers built Lake Lanier in the 1950s, and the Corps’ district office in Mobile, Alabama, which continues to manage the lake, did not immediately respond to phone and email inquiries for comment on Thursday.

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources reports that the heavy usage of the lake has led to hundreds of boat crashes over the last three decades. The department recorded more than 170 boating and drowning fatalities between 1994 and 2018.

Foster and Usher tied the knot in 2007 and parted ways two years later.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Drain Lake Lanier

Why is Tameka Foster calling to drain Lake Lanier?

Tameka Foster is calling to drain Lake Lanier in order to improve safety conditions and remove hazardous debris and obstructions. Her son tragically lost his life in a boating accident on the lake, and she believes draining and restoring it can prevent further tragedies and honor the memory of those who have passed away.

What is the significance of Lake Lanier?

Lake Lanier is the largest lake in Georgia, covering nearly 60 square miles. It serves as a popular recreational spot for boaters, anglers, and visitors. Additionally, it provides drinking water to approximately 5 million people and generates hydroelectric power for the metro Atlanta area.

Who constructed Lake Lanier and who currently manages it?

Lake Lanier was constructed by the Army Corps of Engineers in the 1950s. The Corps’ district office in Mobile, Alabama is responsible for managing the lake at present.

How many boat collisions and deaths have occurred on Lake Lanier?

According to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, there have been hundreds of boat collisions on Lake Lanier in the past three decades. Between 1994 and 2018, the department reported over 170 boating and drowning fatalities.

What is the relationship between Tameka Foster and Usher?

Tameka Foster and Usher were married in 2007 but divorced two years later. They share a son, Kile Glover, who tragically lost his life in the boating accident on Lake Lanier.

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