US to Open Foreign Centers: A Political Move to End Migration Surge

by Joshua Brown
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The Biden administration said on Thursday that they will be setting up two new migration centers, located in Guatemala and Colombia. This is a plan to slow the number of people coming to the United States-Mexico border as some pandemic restrictions will soon be ending. The governments hope that this efforts would keep thousands of people from making a dangerous journey to the US’s southern border on May 11th.

It is unclear if setting up centers and taking other actions, such as quickly deciding on asylum or capturing people smugglers, can really reduce the number of people leaving their countries because of troubles. Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said that this is an issue for the whole continent and must have a shared solution before May 11.

Mayorkas made it clear that people and smugglers should not think the border will be open after May 11. He said, “The border is not open now and won’t be open then either.”

The Biden government is being criticized by Republicans who don’t want people to think that it’s easy to come to the U.S. But, what Biden wants is to make sure that there are other ways for people to migrate here safely.

President Biden is facing a lot of pressure on the subject of immigration. People in the Republican party think he’s too lenient with border security and those advocating for immigrants believe he has abandoned humanitarian efforts with tougher policies to stop people from entering illegally.

President Biden has announced he will run for reelection in 2024 and wants to solve the immigration problems that exist. The government says it’s tried, but Congress and other authorities haven’t been able to come up with a good way to fix the problem yet, especially if lots of people try to move in when restrictions are lifted.

Right now, there are immigration centers in Colombia and Guatemala, with more coming soon. People looking to leave their country can visit these centers instead of going straight to the U.S. border. They can learn how to become refugees or find other ways to move to the U.S. or another country.

The centers are run by organizations from all over the world and people who want to migrate into a different country can get an appointment using their phones to visit these centres. This rule started when the coronavirus pandemic began, and it is called ‘Title 42’. It allows officials at the border to send migrants back without allowing them to ask for asylum.

Since March 2020, over two million eight hundred thousand people have been prevented from entering the country because of Title 42. Republican-leaning states opposed to ending this ban argue that more migrants could increase costs for their state, such as for education. At first, the Biden administration kept the rule in place but now it seems likely that it will end on May 11th.

Government officials predict that if no other plans are put in place, the number of migrants who arrive at the border every day will reach up to 13,000.

Immigration advocates say that because the US had a policy called Title 42, if someone tried to enter America and was sent away, there weren’t any punishments for them. Now when Title 42 is gone and other immigration regulations are back, it isn’t clear what will happen if people get expelled from America.

Under the government’s plan, people who come unlawfully will be kicked out and not allowed back into the country for 5 years or more. Also, families who don’t meet the criteria for asylum will be sent away and the government is monitoring them closely by putting GPS tracking devices on them and asking them to follow strict bedtimes.

The government had an option to keep families together and then send them away from the country. However, avoiding this led to fewer complaints from people who care about immigration, including some of those who support the president.

The government is giving more people access to an app that makes it easier to apply for asylum when they come to the United States. They’re also making a plan that helps families from El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Colombia reunite with relatives living in America legally.

The Biden administration is trying to double the amount of refugees from the Western Hemisphere. To do this, they are working with Colombia and Panama in order to stop people from travelling through an area called the Darien Gap. The US will be providing help to these countries by helping them track smugglers who operate in a jungle there.

U.N. reports say that a lot of people are risking danger to cross the Darien Gap, between Colombia and Panama. Up until now, it is estimated that around 250,000 people made the crossing in 2021. But this year, the number could rise up to 400,000! That would be an even bigger increase than before.

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