US Guardsman in Leak Case Wanted to Kill “A Ton of People”

by Joshua Brown
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Jack Teixeira, a 21-year-old Massachusetts Air National guardsman, is accused of illegally sharing confidential military information. Prosecutors mentioned that Jack had stocked up on weapons and posted on social media about how much he wanted to hurt lots of people. As a result, the prosecutors think Jack needs to stay in jail until his trial is over.

The judge at Teixeira’s hearing was not sure whether to keep him in jail or let him stay home until the trial. He was taken away with handcuffs and a black rosary necklace around his neck while they decide his fate.

The court documents mention that Teixeira had a special permission to know sensitive information about the country. They also say he might still have some confidential data, which could be helpful for other countries who would help him hide and flee away from America.

A man called Teixeira had a court hearing and Judge David Hennessy wasn’t sure if he believed the defense team, who argued that Teixeira hadn’t intended to share information he had put on the internet very widely. The judge asked “Do you really think that someone under 30 wouldn’t know that once their post has been released on the web, it could be seen all over the world?” This situation is concerning because online gaming chats have been a security risk for the US military.

At his hearing, Teixeira was wearing an orange prison jumpsuit and smiling at his dad who was sitting in the front row of the courtroom. His handcuffs were removed before he sat down and put back on when he left.

The judge could choose to keep him in jail or allow him to stay at his father’s house while waiting for trial.

The defendant’s lawyer said, “This young man here did not run away and he has no way to escape. He is willing to face the charges against him and be judged by his community.”

Nadine Pellegrini from the Massachusetts U.S. attorney’s office said the information given to the judge about the defendant’s threatening behavior was not an exaggeration or a made-up story, but it is actually based on what he had said and done.

The defense argued that Teixeira no longer has access to any secret information and claimed that prosecutors were only guessing that a foreign enemy might convince Teixeira to escape from America. The prosecution’s evidence came from Teixeira’s social media posts, where he wrote in November that if he had the power, he would kill many people because they couldn’t think for themselves.

When Teixeira was in high school, he got suspended for talking about making bombs and making racial threats. Recently, he used his work computer to search up information on past shootings and fights with federal police officers.

The prosecutors say that this man is still a big danger to the country and he may try to run away. Investigators are trying to figure out if he had any other secret data which hasn’t been found yet in either physical or digital form.

Prosecutors said that it appears impossible to guarantee that the Defendant (Teixeira) won’t tell anyone else information he still has and knows. This is a big problem because what the Defendant has already leaked is really bad for American national security, and whatever else he still has knowledge of could make this situation even worse. Teixeira has been in jail since his arrest a few weeks ago due to severe charges made against him because of all this.

Teixeira is accused of keeping and sharing secret information about national defense without permission. He hasn’t said if he did it or not yet. His lawyers suggested that even though he might try to run away, arrangements can be made to have him stay at his father’s house with someone tracking him all the time.

The government accused Mr. Teixeira of doing something wrong, but they don’t have any solid evidence to prove it. They also think he might release more information or get rid of other kinds of proof if he’s not put in jail, but this doesn’t make much sense.

The prosecutors stated that he stored his gun collection close to his bed. The locker contained handguns, rifles, shotguns, a high-capacity rifle like an AK and a gas mask. Ammo and special pockets for carrying them were also found in his bedroom.

He is in trouble for sharing really important national security info with others on Discord, which was first made to let players hang out and chat. It shocked army members, caused a lot of fuss all around the world, and questioned America’s ability to keep their secrets safe.

Some leaked documents suggest that the US and NATO provided help to Ukraine, which could potentially worsen the relationships between different countries. The reports also showed what happened in February and March on the battlefield between Russia and Ukraine; like how much equipment each side had lost or received from their allies for support.

Prosecutors explained that Teixeira would talk about violence and murder in a very detailed way on the internet. He even said in February that he wanted to turn his minivan into a vehicle for killing other people.

In 2018, Teixeira got in trouble when a classmate said they heard him talking about using things like Molotov cocktails, guns and racial threats at school. Because of this, the police wouldn’t let him have a gun that same year.

The Justice Department said they discovered that in July, someone named Teixeira used a computer owned by the government to search for information about mass shootings and standoffs between the government and others. This included events like “Ruby Ridge,” the shooting in Las Vegas, at Mandalay Bay, Uvalde and Buffalo Tops Shooting, which was a racist attack in a supermarket in 2022.

When Teixeira did those searches, the computer should have told security about it and then security should have taken a closer look at his file. This is according to Dan Meyer, who works with security clearances and this is what the Air Force will investigate to see if it happened and what followed after that.

The Air Force has stopped the commanders of a place called the 102nd Intelligence Support Squadron, where Teixeira (a person) worked, and one other commander from doing their jobs until further investigation is done.

Pat Ryder, who works at the Pentagon and is a Brigadier General in the Air Force, doesn’t want to reveal too much information about Teixeira’s case. He said that they need to let the investigation figure out what truly happened.

Teixeira’s lawyer said he had never committed any crimes. His school looked into the incident that happened to him and after a few days, he was allowed back and had to go for psychological evaluation. The investigation was checked over completely by the Air National Guard before he enlisted and also when he got his very special security clearance.

A few months after reports of the documents leak came out, Teixeira tried to get rid of all the evidence. Police officers went through his dumping bin and found a laptop, tablet and Xbox that were all broken into pieces. Nobody knows why he did this because people who belong to the chat group think that he was just trying to show off rather than share important information or try to change US laws.

The FBI found out that Teixeira had joined the Air National Guard in September 2019 after they checked his billing records on Discord. Another user on Discord told them that a username linked to Teixeira had begun sharing what seemed like private information in December.

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