Under the shadow of war in Gaza, Jesus’ traditional birthplace is gearing up for a subdued Christmas

by Joshua Brown
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Bethlehem Christmas

In Bethlehem, preparations for a muted Christmas are underway amidst the ongoing conflict in Gaza. The city, revered as Jesus Christ’s birthplace, has foregone its usual festive decorations and the iconic Christmas tree in Manger Square due to the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict.

The absence of Christmas celebrations, which typically attract numerous visitors, deals a significant blow to Bethlehem’s tourism-driven economy. Mayor Hana Haniyeh expressed that although the local economy is suffering, it pales in comparison to the hardships faced by Palestinians in Gaza.

According to Haniyeh, over 18,700 Palestinians have lost their lives and more than 50,000 have been injured in the fierce air and ground assaults launched by Israel against Hamas in Gaza. The conflict has also resulted in the displacement of approximately 85% of Gaza’s 2.3 million inhabitants. The hostilities were triggered by a deadly attack by Hamas on southern Is

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Bethlehem Christmas

Why are Christmas festivities in Bethlehem subdued this year?

Bethlehem, known as the traditional birthplace of Jesus, is experiencing a subdued Christmas season due to the ongoing Israel-Hamas war. The town’s officials have decided to cancel the usual festive celebrations, including the iconic Christmas tree in Manger Square, as a sign of solidarity with the Palestinians suffering in Gaza.

What impact has the cancellation of Christmas festivities had on Bethlehem?

The cancellation has dealt a significant blow to Bethlehem’s economy, which heavily relies on tourism, especially during the Christmas season. The lack of festivities, which typically attract thousands of visitors, has led to a dramatic fall in tourism, causing substantial financial losses and unemployment in the sector.

How has the Israel-Hamas war affected the broader region?

The war has led to a high number of casualties and widespread displacement. More than 18,700 Palestinians have been killed, over 50,000 wounded, and around 85% of Gaza’s 2.3 million residents have been displaced. The conflict has also resulted in severe restrictions on movement in and out of Palestinian towns in the West Bank, further impacting the local economy.

What arrangements are being made in Bethlehem for Christmas despite the subdued atmosphere?

Although the festive celebrations are canceled, religious ceremonies will still take place in Bethlehem. This includes a traditional gathering of church leaders and a Midnight Mass. The mayor of Bethlehem has stated that these events will focus on prayers for peace, reflecting the message of peace that originated from Bethlehem with the birth of Jesus Christ.

How are local residents and leaders responding to the situation?

Local residents and leaders are expressing their sadness and frustration over the current situation. Many business owners, such as hotel managers and shopkeepers, are facing severe economic hardships due to the lack of tourists. The community, while canceling celebratory events, is focusing on solemn observances and silent marches to mourn those affected by the war in Gaza and to pray for peace.

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