Unbelievable: Man Continues Date After Fatal Shooting Over $40

by Joshua Brown
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A grown-up man from Texas, named Erick Aguirre, has been accused by the officials for shooting and killing another person named Elliot Nix. All of this happened during a dinner date on April 11. The reason why he killed someone is that the victim was pretending to be a parking attendant and scammed Erick out of $40 while they were on the same spot. During his court hearing, it was decided that Erick’s bond will be set at $200,000 and his lawyer refused to say anything about the situation.

Police say that a 29-year old man named Aguirre and his date had parked their cars near a restaurant in Houston. Then, someone came to them named Nix, who said they have to pay $20 each for parking their vehicles. After paying the $40, Aguirre was told by an employee from the restaurant that Nix didn’t work there and he tricked them into paying money.

The employee at the Smoke Shop said that he saw Aguirre run to his car and take out a gun, then the two men went away from view. After that, there was a gunshot before 8 pm. Later, Aguirre came back with the gun still in his hand walking calmly towards his car. After placing the gun into his car, he walked back across the street to the restaurant again with someone else who may have been his date. Nix was taken to hospital and unfortunately died.

Aguirre’s date later said that Aguirre told her he just scared some guy, and afterward the couple started walking to their table, but ended up eating at another restaurant because Aguirre was uncomfortable and wanted to go somewhere else.

Two days after police released photos of Aguirre with his date, the woman contacted the police. Her lawyer told KPRC that the woman wanted to do what was right and tell the police what she knew. Aguirre, who lives near Corpus Christi, was arrested earlier this week. He is still in jail as of now.

Grant Scheiner, an attorney in Houston who is not part of the case, says that under laws that protect property rights it looks like Aguirre’s lawyer will probably say that he was allowed to use deadly force.

But the details around this particular case – like getting a weapon when there was no emergency and then carrying on with dinner afterwards – won’t help Aguirre out, Grant said.

This year, officials in Texas gave permission for people to carry handguns without needing to take classes or do a background check first.

According to Professor Scheiner, this is a problem because there are a lot of guns around and not everyone knows when it’s OK to use them aggressively.

Recently, some shootings have occurred in the United States due to people getting confused and going to the wrong place. These situations included going to a wrong address, entering someone’s car or going into a neighbour’s garden for something as simple as picking up a basketball. This has caused much sadness after Nix was fatally shot.

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