Ukraine Requests Pope Francis’ Help in Reuniting Separated Families

by Joshua Brown
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Ukraine’s prime minister recently had a private meeting with the Pope in Rome. He asked the Pope to help bring back Ukrainian children who were taken away and sent to Russia against their will. The Prime Minister also invited the Pope to visit Ukraine.

The Vatican gave a brief statement on the meeting that Shmyhal had with Pope Francis. Following this, they discussed topics related to the war in Ukraine and some of its humanitarian aspects. They also spoke about ways of restoring peace around this troubled area.

Francis has said a lot of times that he doesn’t like the war in Ukraine. This war started 14 months ago when Russia decided to invade their neighboring country. Francis wants to visit both Ukraine and Russia in order to find ways to stop the fighting and work towards peace.

The International Criminal Court recently announced a warrant for the arrest of President Vladimir Putin and Russia’s kids commissioner. They said these two people had done something wrong – they took children away from Ukraine without permission! But Russia disagreed, claiming they moved the kids to be safer.

Shmyhal talked to the reporters in Rome and told them that he had a discussion with the Vatican about President Zelenskyy’s plan, which would help make peace possible. He did not share any details though.

The prime minister didn’t want to talk about what will happen next in Ukraine and China’s relationship. On Wednesday, President Zelenskyy had a long phone call with China’s leader, Xi Jinping. This was their first conversation since a war broke out between them early two years from now. During the talk, Mr Jinping said an envoy from China would visit Ukraine to address the disagreement between the two countries and find a solution. The one who is visiting is someone famous – he used to be China’s ambassador to Russia!

Two months ago, China said it wanted to be the middleman between Ukraine and Russia. Recently, Chinese President Xi Jinping visited Moscow. Then recently, the Prime Minister of Ukraine, Shmyhal had an hour-long call with someone from China. He described the conversation as being “very useful” and believes that this marks the start of a new phase in Ukrainian-Chinese relations.

The Ukranian government asked the United Nations and Turkey for help so that grain exports from their country can keep going even during times of war. The agreement was set to expire on May 18, a topic which the Ukrainian prime minister discussed with Vatican and Italian officials. Russia said it won’t accept an extension of this deal because some Western sanctions have stopped its products from being exported properly.

Prime Minister Shmyhal asked the leaders of Italy and the Holy See to help Ukraine so they can keep doing work related to transporting grain. He was at a conference in Rome on Wednesday, that was put together by the Italian government, with businesses who are interested in helping out with rebuilding projects in Ukraine. You can get more information about this topic here: https://bigbignews.net/russia-ukraine

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