Ukraine President Zelenskyy to Make Historic Visit to International Criminal Court

by Joshua Brown
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Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy traveled to the Netherlands this Thursday. The reason for his trip? He was visiting the city that is home to the International Criminal Court – a court that gave Vladimir Putin (Russia’s President) an arrest warrant!

Yesterday, Ukraine’s president Volodymyr Zelenskyy visited The Hague. This city is home to the International Criminal Court and the International Court of Justice from the United Nations.

At a visit in Helsinki on Wednesday, Zelenskyy said that their country isn’t responsible for what Russia has called an attempted assassination of Putin by a drone attack. He then added: “We didn’t do it, so let them investigate it in court”.

The International Criminal Court flying the Ukrainian flag near its own building could suggest that Ukraine’s President Zelenskyy is visiting soon. To add to this, the Air Force Command in Ukraine said Russian forces used Iranian-made drones to attack various parts of Ukraine during the night. Many people in Southern Odesa and Kyiv heard bombs going off and air raid sirens across the country.

Three drones with “for Moscow” and “for the Kremlin” written on them hit a school dorm in Odesa recently but firefighters managed to put out the fire quickly and there were no injuries. Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital city, also got attacked by drones and missiles for the third time in four days but all of them were shot down.

Someone named Zelenskyy is visiting The Hague which they call the “international city of peace and justice.” Recently, the International Criminal Court (ICC) accused Russian leader Putin of hiring people to do bad things. They said Putin hired people to take children from Ukraine away from their homes and move them to Russia without permission.

It’s unlikely for Vladimir Putin to be sent to The Hague, since the court does not have a police force that can arrest him. Plus, any of the 123 countries in the ICC would have to capture him if they could. Thus, Prosecutor Karim Khan has gone to Ukraine often and is setting up a local office so that he can continue investigating there.

The International Criminal Court (ICC) cannot punish Russian President Putin for invading another country, which is against the law. The Dutch government will open a court to do this instead and start collecting evidence soon. This special court, called the ‘International Center for Prosecution of the Crime of Aggression’, should be up and running by summer.

Ukraine’s President Zelenskyy visited The Hague while people are still wondering why Russia claims they prevented an attack by Ukrainian drones on the Kremlin.

Moscow thinks it was an attempt to kill their president, Vladimir Putin, and they warned of revenge for what they called a ‘terrorist act’.

Air raid alarms went off in Kyiv during the night, but it seems like no air strikes affected the city.

Putin wasn’t at the Kremlin in Moscow, his spokesperson said. There’s no proof of what happened overnight, and people were asking why it took hours for the government to report it and videos about it appeared afterwards.

The American government can’t say if what Russia is saying about Ukraine attacking them is true or not. When asked if the U.S. thinks Ukraine can legally target someone in Russia, Karine Jean-Pierre from the White House said that ever since the conflict started, the U.S. has said no to Ukraine doing anything outside of its borders.

When asked if they were worried that Russia might be trying to make false accusations against Ukraine so they could do something bad, the U.S. person said they don’t want to guess, but Russia has done things like that before.

The Netherlands has been helping Ukraine fight Russia since last year’s invasion. Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s government is sending 14 new tanks called Leopard 2s, which should arrive sometime next year. Additionally, The Netherlands teamed up with Germany and Denmark to buy at least 100 older tanks named Leopard 1s for Ukraine.

Ukraine’s president, Zelenskyy, visited their country to show support for the people. He brought some special military gear like two Patriot air defense missile systems and he promised to send them two naval minehunter ships too. He also sent experts in figuring out war crimes to help with investigations. This happened on the same day that the Dutch honor their citizens who passed away in war.

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