UConn Parade Injury: Sen. Richard Blumenthal To Undergo Leg Surgery

by Chloe Baker
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U.S senator Richard Blumenthal got injured on Saturday at a parade in Hartford, Connecticut that was to celebrate the win of the University of Connecticut Men’s Basketball team. He took to Twitter and explained that someone who was also at the parade accidently fell onto him, breaking his leg. As a result, he now needs to have surgery.

Dick Blumenthal, an elderly 77-year-old Democrat, is going to have a surgery on his femur bone this Sunday. He was in a parade and even though he hurt his femur, he still managed to finish the parade! His fellow U.S. senator Chris Murphy said it was a super impressive thing for him to do as a ‘most Dick Blumenthal thing ever’.

Connecticut Representative Matt Blumenthal tweeted that his father was at an event and he was really tough, but is doing better now.

Blumenthal was reelected in November to serve his third term in the Senate. Before this, he worked as U.S Attorney, then served in Connecticut’s House and Senate and finally became the state’s Attorney General.

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