Tucker Carlson Breaks Silence After Firing: What He Had to Say

by Joshua Brown
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Tucker Carlson made a video two days after he was fired by Fox News. The video was like a campaign speech and he did not talk about why he lost his job. He put the video on Twitter, which showed at 8pm, the time that Tucker’s show usually aired.

In the video, Tucker mentioned how there is not enough real political discussion in media now. He also said something interesting – when you don’t have to think about work for a few days, you can notice how kind other people are and how funny some of them can be!

The person said that when they took some time off, they realized how silly debates on TV are because it’s pointless and we won’t even remember it in five years. He knows this from his own experience being involved in those kinds of events. The media reported Fox News firing its most famous host, Tucker Carlson, and explained why with stories about a lawsuit and messages he sent.

On Monday, Fox fired their most famous personality without giving a reason. This was only a few days after they settled a court case about lies being spread about the 2020 Presidential Election. People are still not sure why Rupert Murdoch and his son Lachlan made this sudden decision to fire Carlson. Fox Corp have not said anything but some reports say it has something to do with material found in the Dominion Voting System’s lawsuit that had been redacted from court papers.

Fox decided to fire Carlson after he sent private messages with words that were very rude and unkind. Both The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post stated that a message from Carlson contained a bad word about an important executive at Fox. They used information from people who wanted to stay anonymous.

Some evidence that was recently revealed showed that the host of Fox News, Tucker Carlson, said some bad things about Sidney Powell. She’s a supporter of Donald Trump and has been talking about false election stories. Fox News wouldn’t comment on any reports and simply thanked him for all his service.

Carlson wore a fancy suit and tie to make his point on Twitter. He didn’t mention Fox, but the message reminded of the talk show he did for 6 years about how people in charge were damaging the country. Carlson went on to explain that topics like war, civil rights, new science, population change and corporate influence are not usually discussed by corporate media or political parties.

“Do you know where people still tell the truth?” he asked. “There aren’t a lot of places, but some still exist! And as long as we can hear the words, there’s hope! See you soon!”

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