Trump Unleashes His Full Fury on Biden in New Hampshire Speech: A Preview of Their Rematch

by Joshua Brown
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In Manchester, NH (USA), Former President Donald Trump recently spoke at a campaign event. He was bragging about his poll numbers and saying that he doesn’t need to debate other Republican opponents for the upcoming election.

President Trump just visited New Hampshire. This is the first time he went to a place where people vote since he was charged with a crime in New York. The same day, the former vice president of the United States (Mike Pence) had to explain something in front of a court about Trump and his friends wanting to change the result of the election from last year. Also, there is a person named E. Jean Carroll who talked again in court because she said that President Trump hurt her a long time ago, but Trump denies it

President Trump said at a hotel in Manchester that our country is facing difficult times, and that we need to work hard to make it great once again. He believes that although we have been led by someone he doesn’t approve of, if we all come together and try hard, we can succeed and make America great again in 2024.

Donald Trump said he is going to forget the nickname “Crooked” he had given to Hillary Clinton, his 2016 election opponent. Instead, he will give that name to Joe Biden and promised to try to win back the White House if they face each other again in 2024.

President Trump recently visited New Hampshire just two days after President Joe Biden started his campaign for reelection. In his launch video, Biden warned about the “Make America Great Again” (MAGA) movement that could take away our freedoms, like the right to vote or even have an abortion.

Trump is one of the people who could take part in the election for a Republican triumph. Although more Republicans are expected to compete as well, including Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis. Trump’s campaign has recently aired its first television commercial criticizing DeSantis. In the ad, Trump claims that he made it possible for DeSantis to get popular by featuring clips from his 2018 gubernatorial campaign which included phrases like “Build the Wall” and “You’re Fired”.

Donald Trump talked about actually not participating in the upcoming debates due to his significant lead in the polls. He asked a crowd of people, “Why do I have to do that?”

Two weeks ago, President Trump attended the National Rifle Association convention in Indianapolis with other politicians running for president. Last weekend, he spoke to a group of Christian people in Iowa over video and it was essentially the beginning of campaigns there for 2024.

Kathy Holmes, a 69-year-old retired teacher from Chichester went to Trump’s event and said that she will vote for him in the state’s upcoming primary election. She had buttons of Trump pinned on her with a fuzzy blond hair attached. Kathy suggested that DeSantis should not run for President now but instead wait until 2028.

Maureen Anderson, a 43-year-old real estate agent from the Boston area, said that Thursday was her first time seeing Donald Trump in person. Maureen wore a red hat with the words ‘MAGA’ and said that she will be supporting Trump in the primary election even though he has a lot of legal problems. She believes that these cases have no chance of getting him for sure.

New Hampshire is a state that usually has different political opinions between the Democrats and Republicans. When President Trump ran for re-election in 2020, the people of New Hampshire voted against him. But President Trump still had a big win in the 2016 election – New Hampshire was the first primary he won, meaning he then went on to become the Republican party nominee for president.

Earlier this year, Mr. Trump also made a stop in Salem, which was part of his campaign efforts before he tried to get re-elected.

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