Trump says he won’t testify Monday at his New York fraud trial and sees no need to appear again

by Gabriel Martinez
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Trump testimony

Donald Trump has declared that he will not participate in a second round of testimony at his New York civil fraud trial. In a statement posted on his Truth Social platform, the former president asserted that his prior testimony, delivered last month, was “VERY SUCCESSFULLY & CONCLUSIVELY” presented, rendering any further appearance unnecessary.

Anticipated to return to the witness stand on Monday as a pivotal defense witness in a case with significant implications for his real estate empire and his reputation as a prosperous entrepreneur, Trump abruptly canceled his testimony, delivering the announcement in capitalized letters: “I WILL NOT BE TESTIFYING ON MONDAY.”

During his previous testimony on November 6, Trump exhibited defiance and combativeness, engaging in disputes with the judge and offering criticism of New York Attorney General Letitia James, who is prosecuting the case against him. Trump vigorously defended his financial standing and adamantly denied any wrongdoing.

When questioned by state lawyers, he frequently responded with lengthy and extensive monologues, much to the judge’s chagrin. The judge repeatedly urged Trump to provide concise answers, reminding him that the proceedings were not a political rally.

Had Trump chosen to return to the witness stand on Monday, his defense attorneys would have conducted the questioning, with the potential for cross-examination by state lawyers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Trump testimony

Q: Why did Donald Trump decide not to testify again at his New York fraud trial?

A: Donald Trump chose not to testify for a second time at his New York fraud trial because he believed that his previous testimony, delivered a month earlier, had been very successful and conclusive. Consequently, he saw no need to appear again.

Q: What was the significance of Trump’s testimony in the trial?

A: Trump’s testimony in the trial was significant because it marked a pivotal moment in the case that could potentially impact his real estate empire and his image as a successful businessman. His statements and defense were central to the proceedings.

Q: How did Trump’s behavior during his previous testimony affect the trial?

A: During his previous testimony, Trump displayed defiance and combativeness, engaging in disputes with the judge and criticizing New York Attorney General Letitia James. His lengthy and verbose responses also irked the judge, who repeatedly asked him to keep his answers concise.

Q: Who would have conducted the questioning if Trump had testified again?

A: If Trump had testified again, his defense lawyers would have led the questioning. However, state lawyers would have had the opportunity to cross-examine him as well.

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