Trump raised $34M so far in 2023, including indictment bump

by Ryan Lee
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Donald Trump, who used to be the president of the United States, has raised more than $34 million since the start of 2021. This includes a lot of donations he recently got when charges were filed against him in New York. The money that he collected after being indicted is almost equal to the amount he earned these past three months.

President Trump raised more than $18.8 million in the first quarter of this year between his main campaign account and a joint fundraising account, according to Saturday’s filing with the Federal Election Commission. Even after he was charged with some crimes related to a 2016 election hush money case, his team still managed to make $4 million by March 30th.

Politico was the first to report on the fundraising numbers. After President Trump received news that he was being charged, his campaign raised a total of 15.4 million dollars before Saturday’s filing date for their fundraising report.

Trump is in trouble with the law and might be facing more charges. He’s claiming that all cases against him are because of his political opponents, however he also sees them as a way to get support from people. He says that the charges in New York could be a form of ‘trying to change the election’ but also thinks it may help him win approval.

Donald Trump has been doing really well in the race for president in 2024, but many people who give a lot of money to the GOP (the Republican Party) haven’t been giving him their support. Before he got indicted (or charged with something he did that was against the law), it was taking him a long time and not bringing in as much money when compared to how quickly and easily he used to raise funds when he was President.

At this time, only three people have announced that they will compete in the race — Nikki Haley (who works with President Trump’s team), Asa Hutchinson (who made the announcement shortly after something bad happened to Trump), and Vivek Ramaswamy (a tech company leader). There might be more competitors by July. One possible new contestant is Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

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