Trump boasts at Alabama fundraiser that he needs ‘one more indictment to close out this election’

by Lucas Garcia
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At a Republican Party dinner in Alabama, Former President Donald Trump, who recently faced his third criminal indictment, delivered a defiant speech, showing no remorse and boasting that the charges he faces are actually boosting his popularity for the 2024 presidential campaign. He even proclaimed that one more indictment would solidify his victory in the upcoming election, leaving his opponents with no chance.

Despite pleading not guilty to crimes related to his attempts to overturn the 2020 election results, Trump remains unapologetic and fully committed to his legal defense and false claims of election fraud. His campaign even released an online ad attacking key figures involved in the investigations against him.

During the event, Trump was supported by GOP elected officials, including Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville, who encouraged the crowd to stand behind Trump and defend him against his adversaries.

Despite facing mounting legal troubles, Trump’s support remains strong in Alabama, and his primary contest on Super Tuesday is seen as a significant opportunity for other GOP candidates to challenge his front-runner status. Trump’s closest rival, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, has been trying to gain support in Super Tuesday states, but Alabama’s enthusiasm for DeSantis seems relatively low, as evidenced by fewer tickets sold for a previous dinner where he spoke.

Many of Trump’s supporters at the event expressed unwavering belief in his innocence and viewed the charges as an attempt to hinder his chances of winning in 2024. They remain steadfast in their support, and some even stated they would write in Trump’s name on the ballot if necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Indictments

1. What did Donald Trump say at the Alabama fundraiser?

Donald Trump delivered a speech full of defiance and bluster at the Alabama fundraiser. He boasted about rising in the polls whenever he faced an indictment and expressed the need for “one more indictment” to secure the 2024 presidential election.

2. What were the charges against Trump?

Trump pleaded not guilty to crimes related to his efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 election. The federal government charged him with orchestrating a scheme to block the peaceful transfer of power, making it his most serious criminal indictment of the year.

3. Who did Trump attack in his campaign ad?

Trump’s campaign released an online ad attacking Justice Department special counsel Jack Smith, who led the investigation resulting in Trump’s latest charges, and Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, who charged Trump in a hush money case. The ad also targeted Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, who was investigating efforts to overturn the 2020 election results in Georgia.

4. How is Trump’s support among the GOP?

Despite his legal troubles, Trump continues to receive endorsements from GOP elected officials. All six of Alabama’s Republican U.S. House members endorsed him. His support remains strong, particularly in Alabama, which is one of the states holding primary contests on Super Tuesday.

5. What do Trump’s supporters think of the charges against him?

Many of Trump’s supporters believe the charges are an attempt to hinder his chances of winning in 2024. They remain unwavering in their support and view the accusations as unjust, expressing their determination to write in Trump’s name on the ballot if necessary.

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