Trial Begins: Kari Lake’s Final Chance to Win Arizona Governor Race

by Joshua Brown
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This Wednesday, a trial will start that is connected to the governor’s race that happened in Arizona last year. Kari Lake, a Republican candidate during the election, lost her bid for Governor to Democrat Katie Hobbs. During her campaign, Kari promoted the lies of former President Donald Trump.

In November, many election losers around the country gave up and accepted defeat – except for Lake. She lost her election to Hobbs by 17000 votes! Most of her lawsuit against this result didn’t work out, but one claim did survive: that there are questions about the way early ballots were verified in Maricopa County which is where more than 60% of Arizona’s voters live.

A judgename Judge Peter A. Thompson said in a decision Monday that someone named Lake was saying that authorities from Maricopa County did not check the signatures on mail-in ballots good enough. Lake’s lawyers say they are arguing about how well these signatures were checked.

Three people who check for signatures on ballots stated in court that up to 40% of the ballots they looked at had signatures that did not match.

The court had to decide if election workers did something wrong by speculating about the outcome of certain ballots. Lawyers for Arizona said they didn’t break the law or do anything bad. They asked whether the three workers could guess how those particular ballots would turn out correctly? The argument was not about whether people with valid voting records had their signatures checked correctly when they voted. But in the end, Monday night the judge decided that the case should not be thrown out.

Lake must show that officials didn’t check the signatures correctly in order for her to win her race. County officials say they did everything right and will win in court.

Lake’s lawyers said that during a time when there were not enough people to check ballots, a lot of mail-in ballots came into Maricopa County. The lawyers added many ballot signatures were not seen as correct by workers but the county still accepted them. The Arizona Supreme Court decided this claim was ok even though the lower court thought it had been brought up too late.

In her lawsuit, Lake said that some ballot printers at Maricopa County polling places weren’t working properly. This caused the ballots to be too light and the on-site voting machines couldn’t read them. This led to long lines in some areas because of the confusion. She thought somebody had done this on purpose.

County officials said they gave everyone the chance to vote and all ballots were counted in the end. If the ballots couldn’t be read at a polling place, they were taken to a special machine that could count them at election headquarters.

Later in February, somebody called Lake tried to say that some people weren’t able to vote, but the court found that she didn’t have any proof of that.

The state Supreme Court did not agree with Cynthia Lake’s appeal last month. They said that there was no proof that more than 35,000 ballots were added to the vote count.

Also this month, her lawyers got a punishment of $2,000 for making false statements about more than 35,000 ballots being wrongfully added to the total votes.

Starting Wednesday, this will be the second trial held because of her election challenge.

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