Tragic Passing of Nicholas Lloyd Webber, Son of Legendary Composer, at 43

by Ethan Kim
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Nicholas Lloyd Webber, a composer who was close to winning a Grammy Award, sadly passed away on Saturday. He had been fighting an illness called gastric cancer and pneumonia for a long time. Nicholas was 43 years old and his father Andrew is 75 years old. Andrew said in a statement: “We are all devastated” and thanked everyone for their kind thoughts during this difficult time.

Nicholas passed away in Basingstoke, a town located in England. His father, Webber who was a famous composer, chose to miss the Broadway opening of his musical “Bad Cinderella” and stayed at his son’s side with other family members instead.

Nicholas is popular for working on BBC One’s “Love, Lies and Records” that was based off of the book “The Little Prince.” He even helped out his dad on their 2021 work called “Cinderella” which led him to get nominated for a Grammy award for best Musical Theater Album.

Nicholas is the son of Webber and his first wife, Sarah Hugill. He also has an older sister named Imogen. Webber has four other children besides Nicholas and Imogen.

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