Tragic Death of Rapper MoneySign Suede After California Prison Stabbing

by Joshua Brown
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rapper MoneySign Suede has tragically passed away. This happened after he was stabbed in the shower at the Correctional Training Facility located in Soledad, California.

The stabber was identified as Jaime Brugada Valdez, 22, of Huntington Park. Emergency responders arrived quickly to the scene but could not save his life and he died at a prison medical facility.

Authorities didn’t say what injuries Suede suffered but said he was murdered by someone using a knife. According to Suede’s lawyer, Nicholas Rosenberg, it was a stabbing to his neck. In 2021, Suede signed to Atlantic Records and produced an album called ‘Parkside Baby’ the same year in September. The Monterey County prison held more than 4,000 inmates that were minimum and medium security prisoners.

Valdez was told to go to prison last December after a court in Riverside County decided he needed to do time for having two guns even though he had already been found guilty of something else before. He has to stay in jail for two years and eight months, according to what correctional officers say.

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