Tragedy in Pennsylvania: Chocolate Plant Blast Kills Two, Leaves Nine Missing

by Michael Nguyen
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Two people were killed and nine are still missing after an explosion occurred at a chocolate factory in Pennsylvania on Friday. Additionally, the police chief has reported that several other people have been injured by the blast from the R.M. Palmer Co. plant too.

At a few minutes before 5 pm, an explosion occurred which caused black smoke to enter the sky. It ruined one building and also harmed the other nearby building which had apartments in it.

Mayor Samantha Kaag of West Reading Borough described this destruction by saying that the building was pushed forward almost four feet due to the magnitude of the explosion.

The police were trying to figure out what caused a large explosion in a community about 60 miles away from Philadelphia, said Holden at the press conference.

Eight people were sent to the Reading Hospital on Friday night, according to Jessica Bezler of Tower Health.

Two people are in okay condition now and five more will be let go soon after receiving treatment. One patient had to be transferred to another hospital, but nothing is known after that.

The police asked people to be at least 1 block away from the explosion but they didn’t order them to leave their homes. Dean Murray, who works for West Reading Borough, said that some people had to move out of the building which was damaged by the explosion. Finally, the officials did not have access to the ‘R.M Palmer’ company information yet as it is an important part of the borough.

The company who has been making chocolate treats since 1948 and now employs 850 people at their head office located in West Reading says this on their website.

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