Tragedy in Kenya: Herders Kill 10 Lions, Including Loonkiito, the Country’s Oldest

by Joshua Brown
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In Kenya, a very old lion named Loonkiito was killed on Thursday night by some herders after he tried to get food from their village. Thankfully, six more lions escaped getting speared on Saturday but that still brings the total number of killed lions last week alone up to 10. Kenyan Wildlife Service spokesperson Paul Jinaro said that the 19-year-old lion was quite weak when it happened.

Six lions from a park were killed with spears by people after the lions attacked 11 goats in Mbirikani, Kajiado. This made it 10 lions killed last week, making some government officials worry. Tourism minister Peninah Malonza asked people in this area not to use spears on wandering lions and instead reach out to the wildlife service for help.

The government and conservation groups have put together a program that helps herders who had their animals killed by wild animals. But due to the bad drought in East Africa being called the worst for many years, herders have become more protective. Craig Miller from Big Life Foundation mentioned that it was sad to find out Loonkiito, the oldest lion in Amboseli national park, had died.

Conservationists say that wild lions don’t live very long, usually around 15 years.

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