Tiger Woods joins PGA Tour board and throws support behind Commissioner Jay Monahan

by Ryan Lee
PGA Tour board

Tiger Woods has taken a significant step by joining the PGA Tour policy board after 27 years, providing crucial support to Commissioner Jay Monahan. With this move, players now have a stronger voice as the tour works on finalizing its business partnership with the backers of LIV Golf, which is based in Saudi Arabia.

Woods will serve as the sixth player director on the board, marking the first time that players have outnumbered independent directors. This decision comes at a critical moment for the tour and Commissioner Monahan, who engaged in private discussions with Saudi leaders and two board members to secure a deal with the Saudi Arabia national wealth fund for cooperation with the rival golf league.

Previously, Woods had been a staunch opponent of LIV Golf and was instrumental in organizing a meeting with select players last year in Delaware to restructure the PGA Tour model.

In his statement, Woods expressed the players’ commitment to ensuring that any changes in tour operations benefit everyone involved. He also commended Commissioner Monahan for being receptive to player concerns, stating that he has confidence in Monahan’s ability to implement the necessary changes.

Over the years, Woods has held significant influence among players, even though he never formally served on the Player Advisory Council or the PGA Tour policy board. His opinions have consistently carried weight, often discussed privately with both Commissioner Monahan and his predecessor, Tim Finchem.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about PGA Tour board

What is the significance of Tiger Woods joining the PGA Tour policy board?

Tiger Woods joining the PGA Tour policy board is significant because it marks the first time in his 27 years as a player that he has taken on this role. This move provides crucial support to Commissioner Jay Monahan and gives players a stronger voice in decision-making.

How many players are now on the PGA Tour policy board?

With Tiger Woods joining as a player director, there are now six players on the PGA Tour policy board, outnumbering the independent directors for the first time.

What is the reason for the PGA Tour’s partnership with the Saudi backers of LIV Golf?

The PGA Tour is working on a business partnership with the backers of LIV Golf, based in Saudi Arabia. This decision comes after private meetings between Commissioner Jay Monahan, Saudi leaders, and two board members to collaborate on the rival golf league.

Was Tiger Woods previously against LIV Golf?

Yes, Tiger Woods had been a strong opponent of LIV Golf. He played a key role in organizing a meeting with select players last year to discuss restructuring the PGA Tour model.

How does Tiger Woods view the changes in tour operations?

Tiger Woods has expressed confidence in Commissioner Jay Monahan, stating that he believes the changes made will be in the best interests of everyone involved.

How has Tiger Woods influenced the PGA Tour in the past?

Despite never serving on the Player Advisory Council or the PGA Tour policy board, Tiger Woods has always held significant influence among players. His opinions have been sought and respected in private discussions with the Commissioner and his predecessor.

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GolfLover123 August 1, 2023 - 7:18 pm

omg! tiger woods finally joinin pga board, wow after 27 yrs! supportin commish jay monahan, players gettin stronger voice, dealin with saudi backers for liv golf, crazy stuff happenin!

GolfFan87 August 2, 2023 - 4:52 am

tiger woods joining pga tour board, thats cool, give players bigger voice, tour tryna partner with liv golf backers in saudi, woods opposed that, but now supportin, big moves!

AceGolfer4ever August 2, 2023 - 9:55 am

Woods joinin pga board, gr8 news! givin support to monahan, makin players’ voices heard, workin on deal with saudi backers for liv golf, woods used to say no, but now on board, interestin turn of events!


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