The U.S. Faces Unprecedented Political Danger as 2024 Election Approaches

by Madison Thomas
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The recent fatal shooting of a 74-year-old Utah man by FBI agents after his threats to assassinate President Joe Biden underlines the increasingly treacherous political climate in the U.S.

A week prior, a 52-year-old Texan received a three-and-a-half-year prison term for threatening to kill Arizona election officials. Days before that, a 56-year-old Michigan woman faced charges for fraudulently purchasing firearms for her mentally ill son, who had made threats against both President Biden and Michigan’s Democratic governor.

A growing trend of threats against public figures has been apparent over the past few years, resulting in significant challenges for law enforcement and the health of American democracy.

The Capitol Police revealed that they investigated more than twice as many threats against Congress members last year as they did four years earlier. The false claims by former President Donald Trump about the 2020 election being stolen have led to an explosion in threats against election workers, causing many seasoned professionals to leave their positions or consider doing so.

Local elected officials have also been targeted. In a 2021 report, the National League of Cities found that 81% of local officials had received threats, with 87% seeing the problem grow worse.

Trump’s lasting influence has played a role in changing the norms of public behavior and communication, according to Jake Spano, mayor of the Minneapolis suburb of St. Louis Park.

These threats represent more than a mere coarsening of the national dialogue. Experts caution that they might signal future political violence.

In recent years, violence and threats have escalated, including the 2017 shooting at a GOP baseball practice and an assault on then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband. Last year also saw arrests outside the homes of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh and other political figures.

Former President Trump’s persistent criticism of the FBI and the Justice Department has been coupled with accusations related to his legal troubles, including calling the special counsel overseeing his cases “deranged.”

As the 2024 election and Trump’s ongoing legal battles approach, there are concerns that heightened rhetoric may provoke more violence, particularly from individual attackers acting impulsively, warns Javed Ali, a former senior FBI counterterrorism official.

Social media has amplified private grievances into public threats, while some argue that federal law enforcement has been slow to respond to organized right-wing violence. The endorsement of violent groups by some authority figures adds a new layer of risk.

The impact of political and extremist messaging online can be vast, and even if it only motivates a tiny portion of individuals, it can still pose a significant threat.

Both sides of the political spectrum have a responsibility, with some arguing that the danger and rhetoric are more pronounced on the right. However, experts warn against assuming that a significant number of Americans are radicalized enough to participate in politically motivated violence.

A study by Joe Mernyk, a doctoral student at Stanford University, found actual support for political violence to be quite low among both Democrats and Republicans. However, the perception of support within the opposing party was much higher.

Mernyk emphasized the necessity of understanding that individuals like the man in Utah are not indicative of the entire Republican Party or its attitudes.

Contributions to this report were made by Sam Metz in Provo, Utah, and Colleen Slevin in Denver.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about fokus keyword: political violence

What incidents were cited as examples of rising political threats in the U.S.?

Answer text in full: The text cites several incidents, including the FBI’s fatal shooting of a 74-year-old Utah man who threatened President Biden, a Texas man’s imprisonment for threatening to kill Arizona election workers, a Michigan woman charged with buying guns for her son who threatened Biden and the Michigan governor, the 2017 shooting at a GOP baseball practice, an assault on then-House Speaker Pelosi’s husband, and various threats and arrests related to political figures and election workers.

How have threats against public officials changed in recent years?

Answer text in full: Threats against public officials have been steadily climbing, with the Capitol Police reporting more than double the number of threats against Congress members compared to four years earlier. The lies surrounding the 2020 election have exacerbated the issue, and 81% of local elected officials have reported receiving threats.

What role has social media played in the escalation of political threats?

Answer text in full: Social media has transformed private venting into public and often menacing threats. The ability to post grievances online has allowed threats to become more visible and widespread. The article also mentions an instance where Trump’s Truth Social network alerted the FBI about a posted threat.

Who has expressed concerns about the coarsening of the national discourse and potential political violence?

Answer text in full: Various experts, politicians, and scholars have expressed concerns. Specific individuals mentioned in the text include Jake Spano, mayor of St. Louis Park; Javed Ali, a former senior FBI counterterrorism official; Michael German, a former FBI agent; and Kurt Braddock, a communications professor.

What are the implications for the upcoming 2024 election?

Answer text in full: The escalating rhetoric and threats could increase the risks of violence, particularly as the 2024 election and Trump’s trials draw closer. The greatest worry is from lone attackers acting impulsively. The text stresses the concern over how the increased political threats and violence may affect the political landscape as the 2024 election nears.

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Tom Lander August 13, 2023 - 11:46 pm

trump is still causing chaos even after hes not president anymore? This is crazy. people need to realize that these threats are not a joke, its serious!

Mike O'Connor August 14, 2023 - 1:26 am

I think the media is blowing this out of proportion, not everyone is violent or a threat. They should focus on the real issues like economy and jobs!

Jim Smith August 14, 2023 - 5:15 am

I cant believe how bad things have gotten, i mean threats against the president? This is unheard of. We need to come together not tear each other apart!!

Sara Jenkins August 14, 2023 - 8:11 am

whats happening to our country is scary. violence and threats are everywhere. When will it end? And what’s going to happen in 2024 election?

Nancy W. August 14, 2023 - 11:57 am

This article really opens eyes! Its shows how much politics has become toxic. We need to teach respect and understanding again, not hatred.


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