The Spurs Triumph: Winners of the Wembanyama Sweepstakes and Draft Lottery

by Joshua Brown
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The San Antonio Spurs just won the lottery and will get to pick Victor Wembanyama—a very talented young basketball player from France. His selection is similar to when David Robinson and Tim Duncan joined the Spurs, so it’s sure going to be great!

It’s been 20 years since LeBron James joined the NBA straight from his high school in Akron, Ohio. At 19-years-old and standing 7 feet 3 inches tall with a combination of shooting and passing skills found typically on wing players and point guards respectively, Wembanyama is also set to make an impact.

Appearing on ESPN after the announcement of the Lottery results, Wembanyama declared he wanted to get a championship ring “ASAP”. He told San Antonio: “Be ready”.

The Spurs have won the lottery three times, with the last two resulting in them choosing Robinson and Duncan – both of whom made it to the Hall of Fame! Because of them, coach Gregg Popovich was able to lead the Spurs to winning 5 championships.

Managing partner Peter J. Holt said that their future already looked bright, but now he believes its gonna be even better.

General manager Brian Wright said it’s an amazing day for the team and its followers. Charlotte will be getting the second pick in the draft, Portland moved up to third, and Houston was pushed back to fourth place. Hornets GM Mitch Kupchak mentioned that he wanted number one pick like everyone else would have but this second spot is still a great result. But what could possibly go wrong in a year with such luck?

Wright said that Peter is a unique generational talent because he can do so much more than just put the ball in the basket. For example, he can be an amazing teammate, think strategically, and face new challenges with professionalism. We don’t often think of these characteristics when talking about someone being a generational talent but that’s exactly what makes Peter so special!

This year the Spurs did not do too well and ended up with a 22-60 record, which made them second worst in the whole NBA. Popovich and the Spurs have been making outstanding progress finding international players to join their team – like Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker, who owns a French basketball team that Wembanyama played for last season.

Adam Silver, the NBA Commissioner said that this “incredible” nineteen-year-old is very tall – he looks like he’s seven foot four! He appears to be a unique and special talent.

Wembanyama had a great game earlier Tuesday which earned him the highest scoring title in France’s top pro league. On Wednesday morning, Paris was full of celebration with lots of family and friends gathered after it was announced that he won the lottery result. When asked about his feeling, he says it’s something words can’t even describe but is definitely a very special moment for everyone.

Finally, we know which NBA team he will be joining. His agents didn’t answer our questions for Big Big News.

Vincent Collet, Wembanyama’s coach from France and the French national team said that the team who has the first choice won’t make a mistake with their decision. He is expected to play for the World Cup this summer and at the 2024 Paris Olympics next year.

The Detroit Pistons had the worst record in the NBA, which made them one of the top three teams with the best chances of winning the rounds. Unfortunately for them, they fell all the way to fifth position – their worst possible outcome. Then came Orlando (sixth), Indiana (seventh), Washington (eighth), Utah (ninth), Dallas (tenth) and then again Orlando from Chicago’s trade (eleventh). Later Oklahoma city was twelfth, Toronto thirteenth and New Orleans fourteenth.

Wright said he was so nervous that he woke up early at 5 a.m. and didn’t even get to eat anything all day. But, in order to give his nine-year-old son some good luck, the two of them did their special secret handshake together.

Wembanyama has been playing professional basketball in France for the past three years and is the most popular pick to join the NBA. He couldn’t make it to the lottery (to see where he would play in the NBA) because he had a game on that day. However, other great players like Scoot Henderson from the G League Ignite, Brandon Miller of Alabama, twins Amen and Ausar Thompson from Overtime Elite were present to see which team they will start their NBA career with.


Two writers, called Tim Reynolds and Steve Reed, helped to create this report. Both of them work for the Associated Press (or AP), a company which gives updates on basketball and other sports. You can get more information about basketball by visiting two websites from the AP: https://bigbignews.net/nba and https://twitter.com/AP_Sports

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