The Role of an Extramarital Relationship in the Impeachment Proceedings Against Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton

by Andrew Wright
Impeachment Trial of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton

The relevance of an extramarital affair in determining the employment future of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton may soon be clarified. The issue looms large in the ongoing impeachment trial of the Republican official, scheduled to continue this Tuesday. The trial is entering its decisive phase, where a body of state senators will ultimately decide whether Paxton should be removed from his post on counts of corruption and bribery. The jury is predominantly Republican, and notably includes Paxton’s wife, state Senator Angela Paxton, although she will not participate in the final voting.

Angela Paxton has been present throughout the duration of the trial, including a session on Monday where an account of the affair was publicly detailed for the first time. A former employee of Paxton’s elaborated on how the extramarital relationship had affected staff morale, the advice Angela had given to her husband concerning the risks, and her suggestion that he disclose the affair to her.

During the defense’s opportunity to respond, Tony Buzbee, Paxton’s legal counsel, questioned, “An affair doesn’t make someone a ‘criminal,’ correct?” Katherine Cary, former Chief of Staff in Paxton’s office and now among six former employees who have testified against him since the trial commenced, responded, “I would not draw a direct correlation.”

This dialogue concluded one of the more memorable episodes in the trial’s witness testimony, after five days of divergent yet occasionally intersecting accounts from former aides. These accounts suggest that Paxton abused his authority to assist a local real estate developer, Nate Paul, who was under FBI investigation and later indicted for allegedly making false statements to financial institutions. Paul, a former donor to Paxton’s political campaign, also employed the woman involved in the affair.

A verdict could potentially be delivered this week. The affair constitutes one of twenty articles of impeachment, purporting that Paxton provided preferential treatment to Paul, partly because Paul employed the woman in question. Jeff Mateer, who once served as Paxton’s deputy, testified that the relationship helped explain Paxton’s eagerness to assist Paul with allegations of misconduct against him by the FBI and a judge.

Impeachment leaders have also speculated that Paxton, reelected for a third term last November despite longstanding legal issues and allegations of scandal, had a political incentive to conceal the affair. Democratic state Representative Ann Johnson stated that the affair has implications for Paxton’s credibility as a proponent of family values.

Katherine Cary revealed during her testimony that she warned Paxton of both the political and ethical consequences of his actions. She alleged that the affair strained staff, who were subjected to extended and irregular work hours. Angela Paxton, who often called the office to inquire about her husband’s schedule, added to the uneasy atmosphere among staff, according to Cary.

Ken Paxton, who has entered a not guilty plea, was not present for Monday’s testimony. Angela Paxton, who won her senate seat the same year the affair commenced in 2018, was reelected last year. She announced her intention to run for a third term during a Labor Day event in suburban Dallas.

For Paxton to be convicted, a two-thirds majority vote, or support from at least 21 senators, is needed. Should all 12 Democrats vote against him, a minimum of nine Republicans would need to join the opposition. Tony Buzbee quipped, “If we impeached everyone in Austin involved in an affair, we’d be embroiled in impeachments for a century.”

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Impeachment Trial of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton

What is the central issue of the impeachment trial against Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton?

The central issue revolves around allegations of corruption and bribery against Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. The impeachment trial aims to determine whether Paxton should be removed from office based on these charges.

How does the extramarital affair factor into the impeachment trial?

The extramarital affair is one of twenty articles of impeachment against Ken Paxton. It is alleged that the affair had a role in Paxton providing preferential treatment to a local real estate developer, Nate Paul, who employed the woman involved in the affair.

Who are the key witnesses in the trial?

Key witnesses include former employees of Paxton’s office, notably Katherine Cary, the former Chief of Staff. These individuals have testified about the alleged abuse of power by Paxton and how the affair impacted the work environment.

What is the significance of Angela Paxton’s presence at the trial?

Angela Paxton, who is Ken Paxton’s wife and a state senator, has been present throughout the trial but will not participate in the final vote. Her presence is notable given that one of the witness accounts detailed the affair and its impact on the Paxton family.

Is a verdict expected soon?

A verdict in the trial could potentially be delivered as early as this week, depending on how quickly the state senators reach a consensus.

What is the voting requirement for Ken Paxton’s removal from office?

A two-thirds majority vote from the state senators, or at least 21 votes, is required for conviction and removal of Ken Paxton from his position as Attorney General.

How have lawmakers commented on the importance of the affair?

Some lawmakers, including Democratic state Representative Ann Johnson, have emphasized that the affair is important as it pertains to Paxton’s public image and credibility, particularly his standing as a proponent of family values.

What are the political implications of the trial?

The trial has broader implications for Texas politics, particularly for the Republican Party. A conviction could significantly affect Paxton’s political career and may influence the upcoming elections and political landscape in Texas.

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LegalEagle September 12, 2023 - 1:20 pm

The trial procedures are so complicated. Thanks for breaking it down. Super helpful for those of us not in law.

ConcernedMom September 12, 2023 - 2:14 pm

I hope they get to the bottom of this. Political office is no place for such conduct. Family values should mean something.

JohnDoe42 September 12, 2023 - 8:04 pm

Wow, this trial has everything! Politics, affairs, corruption. Keeping my eyes glued on this one.

CryptoFanatic September 12, 2023 - 8:43 pm

Makes you wonder, how clean are any of these politicians? If Paxton falls, who’s next?

FinanceGuy September 12, 2023 - 8:44 pm

Nate Paul and false statements to banks? Seems like there’s a whole other layer to this story. Interested to see how it unfolds.

TexasProud September 12, 2023 - 10:26 pm

As a Texan, this is embarrassing. We should hold our elected officials to higher standards. Just my 2 cents.

JaneSmith101 September 13, 2023 - 5:12 am

Can’t believe Angela Paxton is there in the senate but not voting. What’s the point? So awkwrd for her i bet.

PoliticalJunkie September 13, 2023 - 6:15 am

If the affair is one outta 20 articles of impeachment, man, this guy must’ve done a lot wrong. Will be watchin closely.


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