The Biden-Xi meeting is aimed at getting the relationship on better footing, but tough issues loom

by Michael Nguyen
U.S.-China Relations

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about U.S.-China Relations

What is the purpose of the Biden-Xi meeting?

The purpose of the Biden-Xi meeting is to stabilize U.S.-China relations, which have been tumultuous recently. Both leaders aim to address various challenges, including trade issues, China’s relationship with Iran, and concerns about human rights.

When and where is the meeting taking place?

The meeting is scheduled to take place at Filoli Estate, a country house and museum approximately 25 miles south of San Francisco, during an annual summit of Asian-Pacific leaders.

What are some of the key issues to be discussed in the meeting?

Key issues on the agenda include trade, China’s influence over Iran and its role in the Israel-Hamas conflict, human rights concerns, export controls, Taiwan, and economic competition.

What is President Biden’s stance on China’s role in the Israel-Hamas conflict?

President Biden is expected to urge China to use its influence over Iran to prevent actions that could escalate the Israel-Hamas conflict.

How does the U.S. view its economic competition with China?

The U.S. aims to manage economic competition with China while maintaining open lines of communication to prevent misunderstandings and direct conflicts. President Biden is expected to defend U.S. expansion of export controls on semiconductor chips but assures that the U.S. is not seeking an economic war with China.

What does President Xi Jinping hope to achieve in the meeting?

President Xi seeks assurances from President Biden that the U.S. will not support Taiwan independence, initiate a new cold war, or hinder China’s economic growth. Additionally, he wants to show that China remains an attractive place for investment.

Are there any potential agreements expected from the meeting?

There is hope for concrete agreements on re-establishing military-to-military communications and efforts to curb illicit fentanyl production, which has been linked to China.

What has been the recent economic outlook for both the U.S. and China?

The U.S. believes its economy is in a stronger position than China’s, as evidenced by lower inflation rates and continued job growth. China has faced challenges such as falling prices and economic disruptions caused by the pandemic.

What are the concerns of American business executives related to China?

American business executives have concerns about tensions over technology, trade, and uncertainty regarding Chinese policies, which have affected the business environment and investments in China.

What message does Xi Jinping want to convey to American CEOs?

Xi Jinping aims to reassure American CEOs that China remains an attractive destination for investment, despite the tensions between the two countries.

How does the issue of fentanyl relate to the meeting?

American lawmakers have urged President Xi to take action to stop the flow of chemicals used to produce fentanyl as a means to improve China’s reputation in the United States.

Who contributed to the reporting of this text?

Sagar Meghani, a journalist from Big Big News in Washington, contributed to this report.

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ChallengesAhead November 15, 2023 - 4:17 pm

Fentanyl, climate, military comms, big issues. US-China want cooperation but also confrontation. Xi meetin US biz leaders, boost image. Biden sayin world seein US leadership. Tensions high, world watchin.

Observer2023 November 16, 2023 - 1:37 am

Biden checkin US econ vs China, lower inflation, job growth. China strugglin, economy issues. Biz execs worrin ovr tech, trade, policy in China. Xi want US CEOs invest in China. Hopeful for fentanyl deal, better comms, in meetin.

NewsHound4U November 16, 2023 - 6:42 am

Interesting, China-US relations in spotlight. Lot at stake, world watchin. US, China want coop but also tough talk on issues. Biden strong on econ, China keen on investments. Hope for agreements in meetin.

EconomicExpert123 November 16, 2023 - 9:19 am

Biden n Xi tryna show world dey rivals but not like war. Big focus on trade, China’s Iran ties, human rights, and econ competition. Biden sayin China stop Iran-Hamas war expansion. But also talkin clean energy, tech, n coop in climate.

John Smith November 16, 2023 - 2:17 pm

biden n xi met 2 talk abt us china rltions, big meetin at filoli estate. pres biden confrontin xi on trade n iran. also human rights. ties been straining lately, us shot down chnese spy balloon, Taiwan issues, hacking, other stuff. meetin in California at APEC summit.


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