Texas Police Uncover Gruesome Incident: Migrants Suffocating on Train, 2 Dead

by Lucas Garcia
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In Uvalde, Texas, two people died and 10 were sent to the hospital after police got a call that they were in danger inside a train near the United States-Mexico border. The Border Patrol was told about the phone call and managed to stop the train where they found around 15 people inside.

Union Pacific railroad reported that a train traveling eastward from Eagle Pass and bound for San Antonio was carrying 15 people – 12 in one container and three in a cargo car. Sadly, two passengers in the container perished. Some were airlifted to San Antonio and others transferred to local hospitals.

We don’t know the condition of the people who have been taken to hospital. University Health in San Antonio reported that they have admitted two male patients, one with serious illness and another in critical illness.

Uvalde Police Chief Daniel Rodriguez shared with San Antonio-Express News that around 3:50 p.m., someone called 911 for help. The train was located near a town called Knippa which is very close to the Mexican border, just 100 miles (161 kilometers) away.

Police are still trying to work out if someone in one of the cars caused the accident. Union Pacific railway will investigate, and the Homeland Security Secretary believes that it was linked to people being trafficked illegally. He has promised to punish anyone who’s responsible.

“We’re really saddened to hear about this tragedy regarding people travelling in a dangerous way,” Mayorkas said on Twitter. “The smugglers just care about making money and don’t pay any attention to the fact that it’s risky.”

At the moment, we don’t know what caused the incident on Friday. The temperatures outside were quite hot (around 90 degrees Fahrenheit), and it can be much hotter inside shipping containers.

Last summer, there was a horrible incident where more than 50 people died after they were stuck inside a hot trailer that was left on the edge of San Antonio. This was one of the most devastating cases of people smuggling at the US-Mexico border and it prompted the authorities to work harder on controlling this illegal activity.

Many people travel through Uvalde, so cars are often chased very fast by police. Last May, a terrible shooting happened at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde where 19 children and two teachers were killed. It made Texas lawmakers think that the lockdowns due to all of these car chases might cause us to be less careful when it comes to security.

Union Pacific shared their sadness about the tragedies taking place on the border and said that they take safety seriously. They also mentioned that they’re working closely with law enforcement to stop people who try to get into the rail cars illegally.

Another incident happened in Texas where a 17-year-old kid was charged for kidnapping two migrants. The rescue mission of those two individuals at a hotel in Houston got intense, which resulted in one suspect being killed by FBI agents.

On Saturday, the kidnappers stopped some migrants on the highway near Houston and put them in a different vehicle. From that point until Thursday morning, it’s not clear what happened. However, the FBI said they saved two of the migrants after shots were fired in north Houston.

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