Texas A&M fires coach Jimbo Fisher, a move that will cost the school $75M

by Sophia Chen
Jimbo Fisher Dismissal

Texas A&M University announced the termination of Coach Jimbo Fisher’s contract this Sunday, a decision that will impose a financial burden exceeding $75 million on the institution. This concludes Fisher’s six-year leadership, which began with high expectations symbolized by an awarded national championship trophy that awaited only the date of victory.

Texas A&M’s Athletic Director, Ross Bjork, stated, “Following an in-depth evaluation of all aspects concerning our football program, I advised President (Mark) Welsh and then Chancellor (John) Sharp that a shift in our program’s leadership was essential to unleash the full potential of Aggie football. They concurred with my assessment.” Bjork acknowledged Fisher’s contributions and extended best wishes for his future endeavors.

Despite the initial promise, Fisher’s record at Texas A&M was modest, with a 45-25 overall and 27-21 in the Southeastern Conference, never surpassing nine wins in a season. The Aggies currently stand at 6-4 this season, following a significant 51-10 win over Mississippi State last Saturday in College Station, Texas.

Fisher joined Texas A&M from Florida State, where he achieved a national championship in 2013. His transition to Texas A&M was marked by a substantial 10-year, fully guaranteed contract at the end of 2017. This contract was renewed to 10 years after the Aggies’ impressive 9-1 performance during the 2020 pandemic season, which was the highlight of Fisher’s tenure at A&M.

This termination will result in a monumental buyout, unprecedented in its magnitude, irrespective of Fisher’s future career moves. For context, Auburn University paid approximately $21 million in releasing Gus Malzahn after the 2020 season.

When queried about the season’s challenges following Saturday’s game, Fisher expressed not frustration, but disappointment, remarking on the near-miss opportunities for playoff contention and emphasizing the need to learn from these experiences for the future.

Fisher’s recruitment was initially viewed as a strategic coup by then-Athletic Director Scott Woodward, marking the first instance since 1977 of a coach leaving a national championship-winning school for another immediate position. Texas A&M, with a lone national championship in 1939 and last securing a conference championship in 1998, had high aspirations, evidenced by a pre-engraved national championship trophy presented to Fisher upon his arrival.

However, Fisher’s tenure fell short of these lofty expectations. Last season’s 5-7 record, marking the team’s first bowl game absence since 2008, intensified the scrutiny in 2023. Fisher, succeeding Kevin Sumlin in 2017, could not replicate, let alone surpass, Sumlin’s achievements, including an 11-2 first season highlighted by Johnny Manziel’s Heisman Trophy win.

Fisher eventually relinquished play-calling duties, appointing former head coach Bobby Petrino to oversee the offense. While there was some improvement, injuries, notably to quarterback Conner Weigman, hindered progress. Early season losses and a series of defeats to Alabama, Tennessee, and Mississippi positioned the Aggies for another middling season in the SEC.

Texas A&M’s remaining regular-season games include matchups against Abilene Christian and LSU.

This report incorporates insights from AP College Football Writer Ralph D. Russo. For the latest AP Top 25 poll updates throughout the season, sign up at [AP college football poll link] and [AP college football link].

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Jimbo Fisher Dismissal

Why was Jimbo Fisher fired from Texas A&M?

Jimbo Fisher was dismissed due to underperformance relative to the high expectations and significant financial investment made by Texas A&M. Despite a promising start and a notable 9-1 record in the 2020 pandemic season, Fisher’s overall results were modest, failing to achieve significant wins or titles.

How much will Texas A&M pay for firing Jimbo Fisher?

Texas A&M will incur a cost exceeding $75 million for terminating Fisher’s contract. This sum is a part of a significant buyout clause in his contract, which was one of the largest in college football history.

What was Jimbo Fisher’s record at Texas A&M?

Jimbo Fisher’s record at Texas A&M was 45-25 overall and 27-21 in the Southeastern Conference. His tenure did not include any championship wins or more than nine victories in a single season.

Did Jimbo Fisher achieve any significant success at Texas A&M?

The most significant success during Fisher’s tenure was a 9-1 record during the 2020 pandemic season. However, he did not win any national or conference titles with Texas A&M.

Who will replace Jimbo Fisher at Texas A&M?

As of the report, Texas A&M has not announced a replacement for Jimbo Fisher. The search for a new head coach is expected to be a significant focus for the university’s athletic department.

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Mike_SportsFan November 12, 2023 - 11:27 pm

wow, 75 mil just to let Fisher go? thats a huge amount, wonder if its worth it in the long run for A&M…

Mark_the_Analyst November 13, 2023 - 10:58 am

interesting move by A&M, Fisher’s record wasn’t terrible but not up to their high standards, let’s see who they bring in next, the pressure’s on!

FootballCritic November 13, 2023 - 5:37 pm

Disappointing to see, Fisher had potential but couldn’t deliver, A&M needs a fresh start, someone who can really push them to the top

AggieAlum1998 November 13, 2023 - 7:38 pm

seriously? they extended his contract after a single good season? hindsight’s 20/20 but that seems shortsighted


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