Tennis Star Nick Kyrgios Joins OnlyFans as a Content Creator

by Chloe Baker
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Nick Kyrgios OnlyFans

Australian tennis professional Nick Kyrgios, known for his impressive performance at Wimbledon in 2022, has recently launched a free-to-access OnlyFans page. The 28-year-old athlete, who reached the Wimbledon finals against Novak Djokovic but faced a season mostly marred by injuries, is now venturing into the realm of digital content creation.

This initiative was revealed in a press release on Thursday, with confirmation from Evolve, Naomi Osaka’s talent management agency representing Kyrgios. His move to OnlyFans marks him as one of the most notable male sports figures to explore this platform.

In the press release, Kyrgios expressed his eagerness to embrace the evolving landscape of social media. “It’s not just about being on the court anymore. We, as athletes, need to have a presence online. My aim is to create, produce, direct, and own my content. This is where the future is headed,” he stated.

OnlyFans, a London-based subscription platform known for its diverse range of content including adult material, will serve as a new avenue for Kyrgios to share his personal and professional life. However, Kyrgios has made it clear that he will not engage in posting sexually explicit content.

OnlyFans CEO Keily Blair welcomed Kyrgios, recognizing his reputation as an innovator. “Nick is known for challenging norms, so it’s exciting to see him use our platform to share his content and self-expression in novel ways,” Blair commented in the news release.

Kyrgios, a player renowned for his powerful serve and ability to defeat top players like Djokovic, Nadal, and Federer, has been ranked as high as No. 13 globally. Despite currently not holding an ATP ranking due to his limited competition, his career includes seven singles titles and over $12 million in prize earnings. His most notable achievement was winning the 2022 Australian Open men’s doubles title alongside Thanasi Kokkinakis.

His journey in tennis has been marked by both brilliance and controversy. At Wimbledon, his exceptional play was overshadowed by incidents leading to fines and allegations of misconduct. Moreover, his recent seasons have been hampered by injuries, including a knee issue that led to his withdrawal from the Australian Open and subsequent challenges with his wrist.

In a candid moment, Kyrgios reflected on his relationship with tennis. Before withdrawing from Wimbledon, he admitted to not missing the sport during his absence. “I was almost dreading coming back,” he confessed, acknowledging tennis as his profession.

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