Tempers flare and bills languish as Speaker Johnson confronts the same problems that vexed McCarthy

by Andrew Wright
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House Republican Division

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about House Republican Division

Q: What are the main challenges faced by Speaker Mike Johnson in the House Republican majority?

A: Speaker Mike Johnson inherited a House Republican majority in disarray, with hard-right factions and divisions similar to his predecessor, Kevin McCarthy. These challenges disrupt the party’s agenda, delay priorities, and raise doubts about leadership’s ability to govern.

Q: Has the House Republican majority made progress on its priorities?

A: House Republicans pledged to reduce federal spending, investigate President Joe Biden, and end Democratic policies but have made only incremental progress. Despite a debt deal with Biden, legislation to enact spending cuts hasn’t passed, leading to short-term spending measures.

Q: Why did some House Republicans oppose the temporary spending bill?

A: Some House Republicans, especially centrist conservatives, opposed the temporary spending bill because it maintained spending levels agreed upon when Democrats controlled Congress. They want targeted spending cuts, not across-the-board reductions.

Q: How does the world’s current situation impact Congress’s work?

A: The ongoing world conflicts, including Ukraine and Israel, have added complexity to Congress’s work. President Biden requested a significant supplemental spending package for these issues and border security.

Q: What is Speaker Johnson’s approach to the stopgap measure?

A: Speaker Johnson proposed breaking the spending bill into two parts with different expiration dates. However, some hard-right members disagreed with this plan, though they are willing to give the new speaker time to find his way.

Q: What are the implications for the Republican House majority in the 2024 election?

A: The Republican House majority is at risk if they can’t fulfill their promises to voters. Many lawmakers, from both parties, are retiring instead of continuing these battles.

Q: How does Speaker Johnson view his role and the challenges he faces?

A: Speaker Johnson acknowledges the challenges but believes they have great plans. He emphasizes that turning things around won’t happen overnight and that he’s in a different situation from his predecessor, McCarthy.

Q: What is the general sentiment among lawmakers about the future under Speaker Johnson’s leadership?

A: While some lawmakers express hope and support for Speaker Johnson, others, like Rep. Garrett Graves, believe that a change in leadership won’t magically solve the challenges, and the road ahead may remain bumpy.

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