Taylor Swift’s Argentina concert takes political turn as presidential election nears

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Argentina Politics Taylor Swift Concert

Taylor Swift’s debut concert in Argentina took an unexpected political turn as the country approached its presidential election. Amidst the anticipation of thousands of Swifties awaiting her performance, they found themselves surrounded by posters urging them not to support the right-wing populist candidate, Javier Milei, in the upcoming election.

One of the posters boldly proclaimed, “A Swiftie Doesn’t Vote Milei,” employing the term commonly used to describe the devoted fans of the 12-time Grammy winner. This sentiment resonated with some Swifties, like 17-year-old Julieta Bracamontes, who expressed, “Taylor defends lots of positions and things that Milei doesn’t represent,” adding her agreement with the message on the poster.

At the bottom of this poster, a hashtag was inscribed: “Milei Is Trump.” Drawing parallels between Milei and former U.S. President Donald Trump, some likened Argentina’s political climate to the views Swift has previously voiced, particularly her support for the LGBT community.

Milei, a self-proclaimed anarcho-capitalist with socially conservative stances, including opposition to abortion, has often been compared to Argentina’s version of Trump. While he claims to support marriage equality, which has been law in Argentina since 2010, he has voiced objections to sex education in schools and opposes government funding for assistance to the transgender community and other minority groups.

Another intriguing poster featuring a stylized stencil portrait of Swift holding a tray of cookies with various shapes bore the inscription, “Massa 2023.” This alluded to Economy Minister Sergio Massa, Milei’s rival in the upcoming presidential runoff election on November 19. Astute Swifties recognized the reference to a famous image of Swift wearing overalls and endorsing President Joe Biden during the 2020 U.S. election campaign.

The intersection of politics and Swift’s fan base began when a fan club issued a press release urging Swift’s followers to vote against Milei, portraying him as a threat to democratic values and acquired rights. This call to action followed Massa’s victory in the initial election on October 22, where he secured 37% of the total votes, nearly seven points ahead of Milei but still necessitating a runoff.

Nevertheless, not all Swifties were in agreement with the fan club’s involvement in politics. Lucila Losinno, 28, emphasized the importance of respecting individual opinions, stating that generalizing the political stance of Swifties was unwarranted.

As the anticipation for the Eras Tour concert in South America reached its peak, some fans preferred to steer clear of political discussions. Malena Garachena, 19, expressed a more neutral stance, saying, “I don’t sympathize with any of the politicians, but I don’t know, I feel that putting the face of the artist on something political isn’t very good,” though she also noted that she doubted Swift would take notice of it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Argentina Politics Taylor Swift Concert

Q: Why were there posters at Taylor Swift’s concert urging fans not to vote for Javier Milei?

A: The posters encouraged fans not to vote for Javier Milei due to political concerns and differences in their views, particularly on issues like LGBT rights and social conservatism.

Q: What does the hashtag “Milei Is Trump” signify?

A: The hashtag draws parallels between Javier Milei and former U.S. President Donald Trump, highlighting perceived similarities in their political approaches and ideologies.

Q: Who is Sergio Massa, and why is he mentioned in relation to Taylor Swift’s concert?

A: Sergio Massa is a political figure and the opponent of Javier Milei in the upcoming presidential election. He is mentioned in reference to posters at the concert, linking him to Taylor Swift in a political context.

Q: How did politics become a part of Taylor Swift’s fan base in Argentina?

A: Politics entered the Swift fandom when a fan club issued a statement calling on Swifties to vote against Milei, asserting that he posed a threat to democratic values and acquired rights.

Q: Were all Swifties in agreement with the fan club’s political stance?

A: No, not all Swifties agreed with the fan club’s political involvement. Some believed that political opinions should be respected as individual choices and should not be generalized.

Q: Did Taylor Swift express any political opinions during her concert?

A: The text does not mention Taylor Swift expressing any political opinions during her concert. The focus was on the political discourse among fans.

Q: Did Taylor Swift respond to the posters or the political debate at her concert?

A: The text does not indicate any response from Taylor Swift regarding the posters or the political debate at her concert.

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