South Korea’s Yoon Urgently Seeks US Help to Combat North Korea Threats

by Joshua Brown
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On Thursday, the South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol asked for the U.S to help strengthen their global security team against North Korea who has nuclear weapons. Everyone in Congress clapped and praised America for all the heroic work they did in preserving South Korea’s democracy during the Korean War.

Lawmakers from both the Democratic and Republican parties stood up in excitement many times while Yoon was talking to a group of people made up of both the House and Senate, talking about how we should work together for security when facing tension with North Korea and China. Yoon also brought up how U.S.-Korea business alliances are creating thousands of jobs in America.

Yoon gave a big thumbs-up to the relationship between South Korea and the United States which has been helping out since the Korean War 70 years ago. People were super excited when he finished talking and asked him to sign copies of his speech.

Yoon went to Washington to work with the US and other allies in Asia to make sure that their armies are strong, fast, prepared and can recover from any fights in the region. On Wednesday, Yoon and President Joe Biden signed a deal for extra protection against North Korea. Biden said that if anyone uses a nuclear bomb, it could lead to the end of their country.

North Korea launched more ballistic missiles over the past year than ever before. This means they can hit target places far away as well as close to them.

The United States and South Korea have recently made a plan called “deterrence” which includes having U.S. submarines with nuclear weapons come to South Korea once in a while and also having both countries do extra training exercises together.

The US government wants to make its allies near North Korea stronger so they can defend against any threats from China. China is a problem because it claims Taiwan as within its territory and might try to take it over.

Although South Korea sells a lot of its semiconductors and advanced technology to China, Yoon mentioned that he considers North Korea as the main threat to peace in the region. Later on, President Biden from the Indo-Pacific is planning to meet with Ferdinand Marcos Jr., the president of Philippines for talks at the Oval Office.

On Thursday, Yoon honored the nearly 40,000 American troops who defended South Korea from the North Korean communists in the 1950s. He said that Korea will always remember their bravery and sacrifice. And then he singled out one person – Col. William Weber’s granddaughter – Dayne Weber. As everyone applauded, she waved at us from the House gallery and put her hand over her heart as a sign of respect.

Col. Weber lost two body parts – his arm and leg – in 1951 when he fought to protect Wonju from danger. That place is about 50 miles away from Seoul, the capital city of South Korea. The Colonel eventually passed away last year after working hard to build the Korean War Veterans Memorial in Washington, DC.

Yoon also shared this special experience by singing a few lines of the American pop tune “American Pie” at a White House dinner party, highlighting how South Korea and America have built many economic and cultural connections since that time.

Last year, an awesome South Korean pop group called BTS visited the White House. Yoon said that she beat them to Capitol Hill.

South Korea is worried about their economy because the United States wants to stop buying things from China and might put extra sanctions on China if China helps Russia’s leader Putin after he invaded Ukraine.

When Yoon mentioned companies from Korea that operate in their home states, the individual lawmakers smiled, stood up and clapped. Rep Michael McCaul from Texas got a lot of high-fives when he was mentioned being associated with a Samsung factory in Austin.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy welcomed Yoon to the Capitol, showing him around Statuary Hall before they went to meet with other important members of Congress like Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in’s address to the United States Congress marks the 120th time in history that both the House and Senate have joined together to listen to a foreign leader. It all started in 1874, when King Kalakaua from Hawaii (which was an independent country at that point) spoke to them. American lawmakers give invitations like this as a sign of respect for their allies. This event takes place shortly after some secret documents were leaked which has complicated relations with South Korea and other countries.

Documents seen by Big Big News stated that South Korea’s National Security Council had trouble discussing with America at the beginning of March about giving artillery ammunition to Ukraine.

These secret documents mentioned a report from spying and this was not good for Yoon, who is a leader, or his acquaintances which were listed in these leaks.

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