Skiing Santas hit the slopes in Maine

by Michael Nguyen
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Skiing Santas

In the serene landscapes of western Maine, away from the clamor of the holiday season, several hundred Santa’s dedicated assistants embraced a unique respite, descending upon the Sunday River ski resort with exuberance.

Approximately 300 individuals adorned in the iconic red Santa suits, complete with flowing beards and snug stocking caps, partook in this jovial spectacle. This cherished annual tradition, which has endured for over two decades, with only a brief hiatus during the pandemic, brings forth these skiing Santas to engage in a spirited interlude from the holiday commotion.

Notably, the event mandates that participants be attired in full Kringle attire, which naturally encompasses the quintessential white beard and red hat. A notable specification is that the Santa hat must prominently feature a white pompom.

Beyond its whimsical appeal, this annual gathering assumes a meaningful purpose. It serves as a lively prelude to both the festive season and the ski season, concurrently raising funds for The River Fund Maine, an educational charity. In the current year, the event garnered $8,000 in contributions, as confirmed by Sunday River representatives.

Dana Bullen, President of Sunday River Resort, lauded the altruism exhibited by Santa Sunday participants, emphasizing their invaluable role in fostering educational opportunities for local students. This heartwarming event, blending merriment with a charitable spirit, underscores the magic of the season.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Skiing Santas

What is the Santa skiing event in Maine?

The Santa skiing event in Maine is an annual tradition where hundreds of participants don Santa Claus attire and hit the slopes at the Sunday River ski resort in western Maine.

How long has this event been taking place?

This event has been held for more than 20 years, with only one exception during the pandemic.

What does it mean to be dressed in full Kringle garb?

To participate in the event, attendees must be dressed in full Kringle garb, which includes wearing a red Santa suit, a white beard, and a Santa hat with a white pompom.

What is the purpose of this event?

The Santa skiing event serves as a festive kickoff to both the holiday season and the skiing season. Additionally, it raises money for The River Fund Maine, an education charity.

How much money did this year’s event raise for charity?

In the most recent event, it raised $8,000 for The River Fund Maine.

Who organized and commented on the event?

The event was organized by Sunday River Resort, and Dana Bullen, the resort’s President, highlighted the positive impact of the event on local students’ educational opportunities.

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InfoSeeker22 December 11, 2023 - 3:03 pm

how long held? is it cancelled last year bc of pandm?


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