Shocking Tragedy Strikes California Park: Man Kills Hostage After Wounding Officer

by Lucas Garcia
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A man in Roseville, California had a run-in with the police and ended up taking two people hostage in a public park. Sadly, one of the hostages was killed during this disturbance before the man surrendered. This happened while many kids were out at camp and families playing in baseball fields nearby.

An officer from the California Highway Patrol was in a stable condition at a hospital. The names of two adults who were taken as hostages, including the one who died, have not been shared yet.

The other hostage was also taken to a hospital but their injuries appeared to be non-life threatening. This information is according to the city of Roseville which is about 20 miles from Sacramento.

The police didn’t tell us who the suspect was and how he got hurt. He was shot and taken to the hospital, but we don’t know for sure if it was the police shooting him or not.

At 12:30 in the afternoon, officers with the highway patrol were trying to stop a man who had a warrant out for his arrest. The man then began shooting and wounded one of the officers. When Roseville Police arrived, they saw the suspect running while carrying a gun and he grabbed two civilians at the park and held them hostage. He shot both the civilians before getting away.

Newton said he was unsure why the police had a warrant.

Victor Michael was practicing batting with his child in Mahany Park, when they saw what looked like kids playing paintball, but then heard the cops tell someone to get down and some shots were fired.

Michael said: “I don’t know who started shooting first, I just remember seeing one of the suspects look back and then there was a lot of gunfire. It was hectic! I quickly told my kid and everyone else to get on the ground.”

Michael heard around 30 loud bangs and hid with his kid behind the wheels of his truck. The place was a big park in Sacramento which has many features like sports fields, public library, swimming pools and walking paths. The fitness areas and library were quickly closed down and the kids who were attending camps were taken to a close-by school for them to meet their families again.

Jeremy Dazio told us the news from Los Angeles. Adam Beam from Sacramento, California and Christopher Weber in Los Angeles also helped out with the report.

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