Shocking Details: Powder, Threat Sent To Manhattan DA Investigating Trump

by Ethan Kim
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On Friday, something powdery was found inside a letter in the mailroom of Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s office. The letter also had a threatening message which made it a security scare. It happened as the prosecutor is deciding if they should charge former President Donald Trump with criminal charges – which would be history-making.

Police and people from the Environmental Protection Agency on duty in New York City removed a letter that seemed suspicious to them. After tests, it was found out that there was nothing dangerous inside it. The city sent the letter away for more checks.

According to somebody familiar with what happened, the letter said: “Alvin, I am going to kill you”. This person didn’t want their name mentioned because this is an ongoing investigation.

A special team, called a grand jury, will soon start work on Monday at a certain building. President Trump is planning to hold his first rally for his 2024 presidential campaign in Texas on Saturday and he wrote on his social platform that any criminal charge against him could bring trouble or destruction.

President Trump posted a picture of himself holding a baseball bat next to a picture of the Black district attorney in Manhattan, Ms. Bragg, and on Thursday he had called her an “animal.”

The building where this letter was found wasn’t evacuated but most activities like prosecutors coming and going and lunch delivery went on as normal. This building includes the city’s marriage bureau.

Recently, lots of police and security are making sure the court buildings and district attorney’s office is safe. This is because they are investigating something Trump did during his 2016 campaign. You can see metal fences and extra officers on patrol, plus bomb-sniffing dogs checking out the buildings to make sure there aren’t any bombs nearby. Some people have even made false threats about bombs at these places.

A court spokesperson from New York stated that they have amped up their guards in and around the courthouse due to more people being interested in the proceedings. Officers were also reminded to stay focused and aware of what is happening.

Today, our boss told us in a memo that he’s been receiving threatening and mean phone calls and email messages. He also thanked all of us who work here for dealing with this difficult situation with extra media attention and security measures around the building. He said that we’ll continue to do an amazing job following the rules. Our safety is the most important thing!

Fabien Levy, a spokesperson for New York Mayor Eric Adams said on Friday night that no public official should be threatened for doing their job. He is confident that every elected official in the City including Manhattan DA Bragg will do their work without being discouraged and anyone who unlawfully acts will be punished.

Rev. Al Sharpton will hold a prayer for the safety of Bragg on Saturday in Harlem. He, along with other Black leaders, said that President Trump’s words about Bragg and George Soros (a rich guy who supported Bragg’s campaign) were not friendly but mean and anti-Jewish.

The court, set up by Bragg in January, has been trying to find out if Trump was involved with a payment of $130,000 given to Stormy Daniels for not telling people about an affair between the two of them. Trump disagrees with this statement.

Someone from Associated Press called Bobby Caina Calvan helped write this report.

If you have any important information related to this story, you can send it anonymously on https://www.ap.org/tips/. You can also follow Michael Sisak on Twitter at twitter.com/mikesisak for latest updates.

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