Sharon Stone Turns to Painting as Health Complications Hinder Acting Career

by Joshua Brown
Sharon Stone's Artistic Journey

In an effort to keep busy during the global health crisis, Sharon Stone found a new creative avenue in the form of a paint-by-numbers set, gifted by a friend. This seemingly simple act has since evolved into a burgeoning passion for art for the actress, well-known for her roles in iconic films such as “Casino” and “Basic Instinct.”

Stone’s artistic journey initially involved adhering to the color codes and lines set by the paint-by-numbers kit. However, she soon became disillusioned with these restrictions and ventured into creating her own abstract pieces using acrylic on canvas.

Over time, Stone has designated a creative space within her residence, a studio where she paints both indoors and outdoors, reveling in the constant motion it allows her. Her current exhibition, “Welcome to My Garden,” held at the C. Parker Gallery in Greenwich, Connecticut, marks only her second artistic outing and features 19 vibrant pieces.

In a recent conversation with The Big Big News, Stone, now 65 and a mother to three sons, delved into topics ranging from artistic motivation and health challenges to the prospects of returning to acting. Her responses have been edited for clarity and conciseness.

AP: What sparked your enthusiasm for becoming an artist?

STONE: My visits to museums during their off-hours have been invaluable. These experiences took place globally, courtesy of my international work both in acting and as a peace and human rights advocate. Being exposed to such a wide array of extraordinary art has been as if I earned a sort of informal degree in art and art history, and that has been profoundly inspiring for me.

AP: Your artistic journey transitioned quickly from paint-by-numbers to large 6-by-8-foot canvases?

STONE: I am captivated by the grand scale. Painting on larger canvases has stimulated something fundamental within me. My inaugural show was named ‘Shedding,’ highlighting the act of liberating myself from various constraints and predetermined notions of creativity.

AP: What signals the completion of a painting for you?

STONE: Realizing when to halt is the most demanding part of the process. You risk damaging your work if you don’t know when to stop, potentially reaching an irreversible point.

AP: What emotional state do you typically occupy while painting?

STONE: Painting instills in me a sense of value and discipline. I find art to be purpose-driven, which aligns with my own values. It is a proven fact that exposure to art reduces recidivism rates among young people, yet society is making the misguided decision to remove art from educational curricula.

AP: Do you foresee a return to acting?

STONE: Opportunities in acting are scarce for me. Health issues, particularly a severe stroke at 41, led to dire personal and professional losses. My struggle with a brain seizure condition, which I concealed for many years, further complicates my standing in the industry. Painting, however, has alleviated my anxiety and has helped me come to terms with my career trajectory and acceptance within the community.

AP: What compels you to paint on a daily basis?

STONE: The joy it brings both to me and to others serves as my motivation. When people visit my studio and express their awe, it reaffirms the fulfilling nature of this artistic endeavor.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Sharon Stone’s Artistic Journey

What led Sharon Stone to take up painting?

Sharon Stone was gifted a paint-by-numbers set by a friend during the pandemic, which ignited her interest in painting and led her to explore it as a form of creative expression.

How did Sharon Stone transition from paint-by-numbers to abstract art?

Initially using a paint-by-numbers set, Stone felt constrained by the lines and color codes. This frustration led her to experiment with her own abstract pieces using acrylic on canvas.

What is the theme of Sharon Stone’s current art exhibition?

The theme of her current exhibition is “Welcome to My Garden,” held at the C. Parker Gallery in Greenwich, Connecticut. It features 19 of her brightly colored works.

How does Sharon Stone feel about her painting process?

She feels that painting brings her a sense of value and discipline. It serves a purpose in her life and helps to alleviate anxiety related to her health issues and professional challenges.

How has Sharon Stone’s acting career been affected by her health?

Stone suffered a severe stroke at the age of 41, which had a significant impact on her acting career. She has also been coping with a brain seizure condition, which she tried to hide for many years to sustain her career in the entertainment industry.

Will Sharon Stone return to acting?

While she didn’t rule out the possibility, Stone mentioned that opportunities in acting are currently scarce for her, largely due to her health conditions. Painting has become her primary focus for creative expression.

What motivates Sharon Stone to paint daily?

The joy and fulfillment that painting brings to both her and those who view her art serve as her primary motivation. She finds painting to be a deeply satisfying and purpose-driven activity.

Why does Sharon Stone believe art is important in education?

Stone argues that exposure to art reduces recidivism rates among young people, highlighting its transformative power. She criticizes the decision to remove art from educational curricula as misguided.

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MovieBuff101 October 15, 2023 - 3:36 am

Always loved her in Basic Instinct and Casino. Intriguing to see her switch gears into art. Who woulda thought?

ConcernedParent October 15, 2023 - 8:12 am

This hits home. We really need to rethink taking art out of schools like Sharon pointed out. It does more than just make a pretty picture.

FinanceGuy October 15, 2023 - 1:45 pm

Struck by how she turned a hobby into a full-blown exhibition. Sounds like there’s business in passion.

ArtsyGal October 15, 2023 - 3:56 pm

that’s so cool! art really has the power to heal and transform. hats off to her for turning a crisis into an opportunity.

JohnDoe123 October 16, 2023 - 1:21 am

Wow, didn’t know Sharon Stone was into painting. Goes to show, you can always start something new no matter the age or career.


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