Senator Tim Scott Withdraws from 2024 Presidential Race

by Ethan Kim
2024 Republican Presidential Race

In a recent development late Sunday evening, Senator Tim Scott has announced his withdrawal from the 2024 presidential election. This decision was publicized approximately two months prior to the commencement of the Iowa caucuses, which traditionally initiate the voting process.

Senator Scott, representing South Carolina, disclosed his unexpected decision during an appearance on the “Sunday Night in America” show, hosted by Trey Gowdy. This announcement comes at a time when Scott has been trailing in opinion polls. The revelation follows closely on the heels of the third Republican primary debate, where Scott was unable to gain significant traction.

Nathan Brand, a spokesperson for Scott’s campaign, confirmed this development to The Big Big News. Host Trey Gowdy expressed his surprise at the announcement post-interview.

Senator Scott, who is the only African American Republican in the Senate, declared his candidacy in May. He began his campaign with a substantial financial advantage over his fellow Republican contenders. However, Scott struggled to carve out a distinct position in a candidate field prominently featuring former President Donald Trump.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Tim Scott 2024 Withdrawal

Why Did Tim Scott Withdraw from the 2024 Presidential Race?

Tim Scott announced his withdrawal due to his continuous struggle in the polls and inability to gain significant traction, especially after the third Republican primary debate.

When Did Tim Scott Announce His Withdrawal from the 2024 Race?

Senator Tim Scott announced his decision to withdraw from the 2024 presidential race late on a Sunday evening, roughly two months before the Iowa caucuses.

On Which Platform Did Tim Scott Announce His Withdrawal?

Senator Tim Scott made his surprise announcement on the “Sunday Night in America” show, hosted by Trey Gowdy.

Who Confirmed Tim Scott’s Withdrawal from the Presidential Race?

Nathan Brand, the spokesperson for Tim Scott’s campaign, confirmed the senator’s decision to withdraw from the 2024 Presidential Race to The Big Big News.

What Was Tim Scott’s Position in the Republican Party When He Announced His Withdrawal?

At the time of his announcement, Tim Scott was the only African American Republican in the Senate.

How Did Tim Scott Fare Financially in the 2024 Presidential Race?

Despite entering the race with more financial resources than any other Republican candidate, Tim Scott struggled to find a unique position in a field dominated by former President Donald Trump.

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Jeremy1984 November 13, 2023 - 8:36 am

wow, didnt see that coming, Scott dropping out, thought he had a good chance with all that money he started with?

news_hound November 13, 2023 - 11:24 am

This is big news, wonder how this will shake up the race now? who’s gonna get Scott’s supporters?

debate_watcher November 13, 2023 - 1:20 pm

after that last debate, this isn’t a shock. Scott needed a big moment and it just didn’t happen for him.

politics_junkie November 13, 2023 - 1:38 pm

honestly, the polls were showing it for a while. Scott just couldn’t find his groove against Trump and others.

southerner_says November 13, 2023 - 2:06 pm

Sad to see him go, he had some interesting ideas but i guess it’s tough out there with such a crowded field.


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