Senate Approves Three Military Leaders Amidst Continued Stalemate Over Nominee Confirmations

by Ethan Kim
Military Nominee Confirmations

The Senate ratified the appointments of three distinguished military personnel on Thursday, an occasion marked by the historic confirmation of the first woman to the Joint Chiefs of Staff. However, these confirmations occurred against a backdrop of increasing bipartisan frustration, directed particularly at GOP Sen. Tommy Tuberville, who has placed a hold on several hundred additional nominations.

Republican members are set to convene privately in the forthcoming week to deliberate on the blockade imposed by the Alabama senator, which stems from objections to a Department of Defense policy related to abortion. GOP senators have engaged in a nine-month effort to discreetly convince Tuberville to relinquish his grip on nearly 400 military nominations, to no avail. High-ranking defense officials have consistently warned that the impasse poses a significant risk to the nation’s military preparedness and security.

The controversy over Tuberville’s stance was made public in a dramatic fashion on Wednesday when his fellow Republicans took control of the Senate floor for over four hours, publicly supporting 61 nominations and challenging Tuberville to justify his actions. Despite the mounting pressure, Tuberville remained unmoved, systematically objecting to each nomination.

As the deadlock with Tuberville persists, Republicans are exploring alternative strategies, such as persuading him to shift his focus from military to civilian nominees. Meanwhile, Democrats are advocating for a more assertive approach, proposing a resolution that could override Tuberville’s objections and expedite the confirmation process. This would, however, require GOP backing, which remains uncertain due to concerns about setting a potentially negative precedent that could diminish minority rights within the Senate.

The patience of Tuberville’s colleagues within the GOP is wearing thin, as underscored by Sen. Todd Young’s call for a reconsideration of tactics. Young, an Indiana Republican and Marine Corps veteran, was notably vocal against the ongoing obstruction during the Senate session.

In a notable breakthrough, the Senate moved to confirm three nominees—Admiral Lisa Franchetti for the Navy, General David Allvin as U.S. Air Force Chief of Staff, and Lieutenant General Christopher Mahoney as Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corps. Franchetti’s confirmation is a milestone, marking her as the inaugural female service chief to join the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Despite the small victory of these confirmations, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin emphasized that the holdup of over 370 highly qualified individuals is detrimental to military readiness and imposes undue burdens on military families.

The Senate’s confirmation process, which typically could pass multiple military nominations swiftly and with little fanfare, has become a laborious endeavor due to Tuberville’s stance. It took an extensive three days and six separate votes to confirm just these three officials.

On Thursday, the issue continued to generate heat as Republican Senators Todd Young and Joni Ernst suggested they would press Tuberville to reconsider his approach. They questioned the logic behind impacting military officers who have no bearing on the contentious abortion policy.

Despite the impassioned pleas and the critical nature of the roles to be filled, Tuberville maintained on Wednesday that he would not yield. He has insisted on maintaining his holds since first announcing them in February, a stand he justifies as a response to the Biden administration’s policy on military-funded travel for abortions, following changes at the state level post-Supreme Court rulings.

In a direct public confrontation with Tuberville, GOP senators including Ernst and Alaska’s Dan Sullivan highlighted the nominees’ qualifications and disparaged Tuberville’s refusal to relent. They acknowledged their shared opposition to the abortion policy but stressed the inappropriateness of stalling top military appointments over it.

The Senate’s action on Thursday was partly expedited by the hospitalization of Gen. Eric Smith, leading to a confirmation of his previously held positions and a potential interim appointment for Gen. Mahoney in Smith’s absence. Mahoney, a combat-experienced fighter pilot, is poised to step into the role if needed.

Following Mahoney’s confirmation, Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks spoke on the stress that the confirmation delays have caused, noting the negative consequences on military officers and their families.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer highlighted the urgency of resolving these holds, citing Gen. Smith’s medical emergency as an instance of the type of crisis that Tuberville’s actions could exacerbate.

Also among those confirmed was Admiral Lisa Franchetti, an accomplished Navy leader and two-time aircraft carrier strike group commander, lauded as a “trailblazer” by Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Jack Reed.

Notably, while Admiral Linda L. Fagan serves as the Coast Guard commandant, her position is not within the Joint Staff.

Completing the trio is General David Allvin, who assumes his role with extensive flight experience and critical deployments, following his tenure as the acting chief since the previous officer, Gen. CQ Brown, took on the role of Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Military Nominee Confirmations

Who was the historic figure confirmed by the Senate to the Joint Chiefs of Staff?

Admiral Lisa Franchetti was confirmed by the Senate as the first female member to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, marking a significant milestone in U.S. military history.

What has Senator Tuberville done to disrupt the Senate’s confirmation process?

Senator Tuberville has placed a hold on nearly 400 military nominations due to a disagreement with a Pentagon policy on abortion, causing a bipartisan concern over the impact on national security and military readiness.

What is the GOP’s proposed solution to Senator Tuberville’s blockade?

Republican senators are considering persuading Tuberville to shift his focus and place holds on civilian nominees related to the abortion policy, rather than on military officers.

What is the significance of the confirmations that took place despite Senator Tuberville’s objections?

The Senate managed to confirm three top military officers, which included the historic appointment of the first female service chief to the Joint Chiefs of Staff and addressed critical high-level vacancies in the U.S. military.

How has the Pentagon responded to the delays in military confirmations?

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has expressed concern that the holdup of over 370 nominees is harming military readiness and placing undue strain on military families.

What are the implications of Senator Tuberville’s actions on Senate procedure?

Due to Senator Tuberville’s holds, the Senate’s traditional process of confirming large groups of military nominations quickly and unanimously has been disrupted, requiring multiple votes and extended periods to confirm a small number of nominees.

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Jane Doe November 3, 2023 - 3:29 am

this is ridiculous, those officers have dedicated their lifes to serve our country and now politics is getting in the way of their careers, not to mention our national security.

Gary Brown November 3, 2023 - 1:27 pm

I heard about the heated debates on the senate floor, politics is such a mess right now, is it always been like this or are we seeing a new low?

Mike Johnson November 3, 2023 - 4:59 pm

Senator Tuberville has a point though, why is the pentagon funding travels for abortions, is that really a defense spending priority?

Emily Roberts November 3, 2023 - 6:43 pm

So adm Franchetti finally got through, that’s some good news at least, her resume is impressive and its about time we had a woman on the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

John Smith November 3, 2023 - 10:48 pm

cant believe this is happening, how can a single senator just block hundreds of nominees like that? this is not how democracy should work!


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