Search on for a missing Marine Corps fighter jet in South Carolina after pilot safely ejects

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F-35 fighter jet crash

The hunt is underway for a missing Marine Corps fighter jet in South Carolina after its pilot executed a safe ejection.

In North Charleston on Sunday afternoon, a Marine Corps pilot performed a secure ejection from a fighter jet. The endeavor to locate the missing aircraft has been concentrated on two lakes situated to the north of North Charleston, as affirmed by military authorities.

At approximately 2 p.m., the pilot executed the ejection and descended safely using a parachute into a North Charleston residential area. Maj. Melanie Salinas reported that he was subsequently transported to a local hospital, where he is presently in stable condition. The identity of the pilot has not yet been disclosed.

Senior Master Sgt. Heather Stanton, stationed at Joint Base Charleston, indicated that due to the plane’s last known location and flight path, the search for the F-35 Lightning II jet is currently centered on Lake Moultrie and Lake Marion, both of which lie to the north of North Charleston. Subsequent to the dispersal of inclement weather in the vicinity, a helicopter from the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division has been added to the search efforts. Furthermore, military officials issued online appeals on Sunday, soliciting assistance from the general public in locating the missing aircraft.

Authorities are presently engaged in an inquiry to ascertain the reasons behind the pilot’s ejection.

It is noteworthy that the pilot of a second F-35 returned safely to Joint Base Charleston, as confirmed by Salinas.

These aircraft and their respective pilots are affiliated with the Marine Fighter Attack Training Squadron 501, located near South Carolina’s Atlantic coast, in close proximity to Beaufort.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Marine Corps fighter jet ejection incident

What happened in North Charleston involving a Marine Corps fighter jet?

A Marine Corps pilot safely ejected from a fighter jet over North Charleston on Sunday afternoon.

What was the pilot’s condition after ejecting from the fighter jet?

After ejecting from the fighter jet, the pilot parachuted safely into a North Charleston neighborhood and was reported to be in stable condition. He was transported to a local hospital for medical evaluation.

Were there any details about the missing aircraft?

The missing aircraft is an F-35 Lightning II jet. The search for this jet was primarily focused on two lakes north of North Charleston: Lake Moultrie and Lake Marion.

Were there any contributions from the public in the search efforts?

Yes, military officials appealed to the public for assistance in locating the missing aircraft through online posts on Sunday.

Is there any information regarding the pilot’s identity?

As of the available information, the pilot’s identity has not been released to the public.

What is the status of the investigation into why the pilot ejected?

Authorities are currently investigating the reasons behind the pilot’s ejection.

Were there any other aircraft involved in this incident?

Yes, another F-35 fighter jet was part of the incident, and its pilot returned safely to Joint Base Charleston.

Where is the Marine Fighter Attack Training Squadron 501 based?

The planes and pilots involved in this incident belong to the Marine Fighter Attack Training Squadron 501, which is based near the Atlantic coast of South Carolina, close to Beaufort.

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