Search for Texas Gunman Who Killed 5 Continues Amid Growing Tensions

by Joshua Brown
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In Texas, an investigation has been going on for three days to try and find the person who used a rifle similar to an AR-15 to shoot and kill five people. Officers have been looking around near Houston but still don’t know where the killer is.

Police are looking for Francisco Oropeza, a 38-year-old man, since the shooting occurred last Friday in a small town called Cleveland. Already, over 250 police officers from various departments have joined the search, and Texas Governor Greg Abbott offered $50,000 as a reward to anyone who has information on where Oropeza is hiding. Even with all the people involved in finding him, FBI Special Agent James Smith said that they currently have no leads.

The San Jacinto County Sheriff, Greg Capers, said that Oropeza is considered very dangerous now as he fled the area on Friday night after his neighbors asked him to stop shooting in his yard late at night due to a baby sleeping. So they have extended their search area beyond what it was before.

At a special gathering on Sunday in Cleveland, Wilson Garcia, the father of a one-month-old, talked about the scary attempt to escape and protect himself, family, and little ones from Oropeza. The terrifying scene happened when Oropeza came to the house and started shooting where his wife was unfortunately killed at the front door.

The police found an AR-15 rifle which they said was used by Oropeza when he committed the shootings. It is not known if Oropeza had any other weapons besides those which were found in his house.

The authorities wanted to help, so they offered $80,000 as a reward for anyone that brings information on the case. Most of this money came from Governor Abbott from Texas. However, he received some criticism after saying five “illegal immigrants” were victims. But up until now, no one knows if the victims are from here or not. A spokesperson from Abbott did not answer any questions about it yet.

The Immigrant Legal Resource Center was not happy with Texas Governor, Greg Abbott. On Twitter they said he was using words and social media to change people’s opinions of those around them.

At an event on Sunday to honour fallen police officers, Governor Abbott reported that the suspect had been sent out of the country four times but returned illegally.

The San Jacinto County Sheriff Greg Capers said he is offering some reward money as an incentive for anyone with useful information, and also announced plans to put up billboards in Spanish around the area.

Veronica Pineda, who lives nearby the suspect’s house, said police had been to her home asking if they could search it in case the gunman had been hiding there. She feels scared that the murderer has not yet been caught.

“It’s kind of scary not knowing where he could be,” she said.

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