Saudi Arabia and Iran to Reopen Embassies and Ease Travel Restrictions Following Report

by Michael Nguyen
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Saudi Arabia and Iran just made a deal! They decided to open diplomatic offices in both countries and even more cities. This was all announced by the Iranian semiofficial news agency. It turns out that the foreign ministers of Saudi Arabia and Iran agreed on this while meeting in Beijing.

Saudi Arabia and Iran are two countries that used to be rivals but recently made a deal, helped by China. This deal includes looking into ways for the citizens of both nations to fly between each other and getting visas more easily. Although there’s no proof yet, this news has been reported by ISNA, an agency from Iran.

A new agreement between Middle East countries is a step towards peace. It means there will be less chance of fighting happening directly or indirectly in the region.

China was successful in signing an important diplomatic agreement. This is a big win for the Chinese since some Arab countries think the US will no longer be involved in the Middle East. Diplomats are also trying to end a long, drawn-out war in Yemen, where both Iran and Saudi Arabia are deeply involved.

On Thursday morning, Prince Faisal bin Farhan Al Saud from Saudi Arabia and Hossein Amirabdollahian from Iran were seen on TV shaking hands and sitting together. They were discussing about starting embassies between the two countries again.

Two countries had their first big meeting in four years because of a fight between them. In 2016, people got angry when Saudi Arabia executed a religious leader and 46 others and broke ties with Iran soon after. All these actions made it so the two countries were unable to meet until now.

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