Ringo Starr Invites Audiences into His Colorful History with ‘Beats & Threads’

by Andrew Wright
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Ringo Starr Book

Ringo Starr unveils a blend of musical and fashion nostalgia in his latest endeavor.

Released last Friday, ‘Beats & Threads’ presents a visual odyssey of the ex-Beatle drummer’s extensive career in the entertainment industry, showcasing a collection spanning from his distinctive drum sets to his fashion-forward attire. This 312-page visual feast is available via Julien’s Auctions’ publishing arm.

The book boasts nearly 300 vibrant photographs, including rare and intimate glimpses into Ringo’s celebrated journey, accompanied by his personal recollections. This substantial homage pays tribute to the lasting legacy and the cross-generational appeal of the Beatles’ legend, offering readers a unique exploration of style and Beatles lore,” as stated by the publisher.

Priced at $80, with special autographed editions reaching up to $750, ‘Beats and Threads’ dedicates its entire proceeds to the Lotus Foundation, which backs a variety of philanthropic causes ranging from battling substance abuse to aiding the homeless.

At 83, Starr’s 2023 has been eventful, marked by the launch of his EP ‘Rewind Forward,’ touring with his All-Starr Band, and collaborating with Paul McCartney on what is dubbed the ‘final’ Beatles track, ‘Now and Then.’

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Ringo Starr Book

What is Ringo Starr’s latest book about?

‘Ringo Starr’s latest book, ‘Beats & Threads,’ is a visually rich journey through his career, featuring images of his drum kits and fashion styles, reflecting his influence in music and fashion.

Where can ‘Beats & Threads’ be purchased?

The book ‘Beats & Threads’ is available through Julien’s Auctions’ publishing division, offering a comprehensive look at Ringo Starr’s career in show business.

What unique features does ‘Beats & Threads’ offer?

‘Beats & Threads’ contains nearly 300 photographs, many rare and intimate, alongside Ringo Starr’s personal memories, offering fans a unique insight into his life and the Beatles’ history.

How is ‘Beats & Threads’ supporting charitable causes?

All proceeds from the sale of ‘Beats & Threads’ are being donated to the Lotus Foundation, which supports various charitable projects, including substance abuse and homelessness.

What recent projects has Ringo Starr been involved in?

In 2023, Ringo Starr released the EP ‘Rewind Forward,’ toured with his All-Starr Band, and collaborated with Paul McCartney on the ‘final’ Beatles song, ‘Now and Then.’

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  • Lotus Foundation
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  • The Beatles Official Website

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