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Israel-Hamas Conflict

Mounting Concerns Among Allies Regarding Israel’s Tactics Against Hamas Amid Rising Civilian Casualties

As Israel intensifies its military actions in Gaza, international unease is growing, particularly over the potential impact on Palestinian civilians. Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, rebuffed increasing international appeals for more stringent measures to safeguard Palestinian civilians. This defiance comes as Israeli forces edge closer to Gaza’s largest medical facility, Shifa Hospital, which, according to Israel, serves as a prime command center for Hamas but is also a refuge for thousands of patients and individuals seeking shelter.

Netanyahu insists that Hamas bears the responsibility for any civilian casualties, reiterating the longstanding claim that the group exploits Gaza’s civilians as human shields. Despite Israel’s efforts to evacuate civilians from conflict zones, Netanyahu asserts that Hamas actively hinders these efforts.

These statements follow French President Emmanuel Macron’s call for a cease-fire and his urging of other leaders to support this initiative, stating to the BBC that the continuous Israeli bombardments lack justification.

After Hamas’ lethal attack on Israel on October 7th, which resulted in over 1,200 deaths, Israel’s allies initially supported its right to self-defense. However, as the conflict extends into its second month, diverging opinions are emerging regarding Israel’s conduct of the war.

The Israel-Hamas Conflict: Key Developments and Perspectives

  • The slogan “From the river to the sea” has become a contentious phrase in the discourse surrounding the Israel-Hamas conflict.
  • AP photographs capture the profound anxiety, grief, and despair engulfing both Gaza and Israel as the war enters its fifth week.
  • The conflict has disrupted the sense of security among students on U.S. college campuses.

The U.S. is advocating for temporary ceasefires to facilitate the distribution of critical aid to civilians in the besieged areas, where conditions are deteriorating rapidly. Israel, however, has only consented to brief daily intervals for civilian evacuation from the northern combat zones to the south along Gaza’s main north-south route.

Since these evacuation periods began a week ago, U.N. monitors report that over 150,000 civilians have fled the north. Nevertheless, tens of thousands remain in northern Gaza, many taking refuge in hospitals and crowded U.N. facilities.

Palestinian civilians and human rights advocates are challenging Israel’s depiction of the southern evacuation zones as “relatively safe,” noting ongoing Israeli airstrikes throughout Gaza, including the south. These strikes, while targeting Hamas leaders, have also resulted in the deaths of women and children.

The U.S. and Israel differ in their visions for post-war Gaza. Netanyahu and Israeli military leaders emphasize that any future arrangements must prioritize Israel’s security concerns, aiming to neutralize threats from the territory and incapacitate Hamas. Conversely, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken outlined principles for a post-war Gaza that appear to diverge from Israel’s stance. These principles include prohibiting forced displacement of Palestinians, preventing Gaza from being a base for attacks against Israel, maintaining Gaza’s territorial integrity, and ensuring Palestinian-led governance in both Gaza and the West Bank.

Escalating Tensions Near Hospitals

Concerns have escalated as the conflict nears Gaza City’s hospitals. Israeli troops have been spotted near Shifa Hospital, which Israel alleges houses Hamas’ main command center beneath its structure—a claim both Hamas and hospital staff refute.

Thousands who had sought shelter at Shifa fled following recent nearby strikes, which caused casualties. Abdallah Nasser, a resident near Shifa, and Mohammed al-Masri, a hospital refugee, report that Israeli forces are making significant advances into the city.

Despite these dangers, medical professionals, including Doctors Without Borders surgeon Mohammed Obeid, remain committed to aiding those in need, emphasizing the importance of protecting all hospitals.

Rising Casualties

The Health Ministry in Hamas-controlled Gaza reports over 11,070 Palestinian deaths, predominantly women and children, since the conflict began. The ministry does not distinguish between civilian and militant casualties. Additionally, approximately 2,700 individuals are reported missing, presumed trapped or deceased under debris.

Early Saturday, a strike in the Nuseirat refugee camp claimed six lives. The camp is within the designated southern evacuation zone.

In Israel, the death toll stands at approximately 1,200, primarily from the initial Hamas attack, along with 41 Israeli soldiers killed in Gaza. The Israeli Foreign Ministry has adjusted its civilian death count to 1,400, pending a formal announcement after a thorough identification process of the victims.

Approximately 240 Israelis abducted by Hamas remain captive, and about 250,000 Israelis have evacuated from areas near Gaza and the Lebanese border, where exchanges of fire with Hezbollah militants continue.

Reported by Magdy from Cairo and Rising from Bangkok.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Israel-Hamas Conflict

What is the main focus of the growing international concerns in the Israel-Hamas conflict?

The main focus is on the rising civilian casualties and the need for more stringent measures to protect Palestinian civilians, as Israeli military actions intensify in Gaza.

How is Israel’s Prime Minister responding to calls for civilian protection?

Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, insists that Hamas is responsible for civilian casualties and claims that Hamas uses civilians as human shields, despite Israel’s efforts to evacuate civilians from conflict zones.

What is the U.S. proposing to alleviate the situation in Gaza?

The U.S. is advocating for temporary ceasefires to facilitate the distribution of critical aid to civilians in the besieged areas and to allow for civilian evacuation from combat zones.

How are the hospitals in Gaza being affected by the conflict?

Hospitals, particularly Shifa Hospital, are being caught in the conflict, with Israel claiming they are used by Hamas, leading to thousands fleeing these facilities amid nearby strikes.

What are the differing visions for post-war Gaza between the U.S. and Israel?

The U.S. envisions a post-war Gaza with principles including no forced displacement of Palestinians and Palestinian-led governance, whereas Israel focuses on security needs and neutralizing threats from Hamas.

What is the reported impact of the conflict in terms of casualties?

Over 11,070 Palestinians, mostly women and children, have been reported killed, and at least 1,200 people have been killed in Israel, mainly from the initial Hamas attack.

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MeganS November 11, 2023 - 11:37 am

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Israel’s stance seems really firm, wonder how this will play out in the long run. peace seems so far away in these situations…

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Not sure if the stats are totally accurate? feels like the numbers could be higher, given the intensity of the conflict.

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I think more focus should be on the humanitarian crisis, people are suffering and we need to find a way to help them.

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