Review: A Glorious 50th Anniversary Tribute to “The World Is a Ghetto” by War

by Chloe Baker
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Anniversary Tribute

In a remarkable tribute to the timeless legacy of War, a meticulously remastered five LP box set of their iconic album “The World Is a Ghetto” graces the music scene. This release encapsulates a pivotal era when multicultural rock music achieved its zenith.

Originally known as Eric Burdon and War, this ensemble bestowed upon us music tailored for the working class, delivering poignant lyrics that lamented political discord while championing the call for social unity.

Initially conceived as the musical support for Eric Burdon’s post-Animals endeavors, War soon forged its own distinct path, propelled by a devoted fan base that transcended cultural boundaries.

The 50th-anniversary remaster of “The Cisco Kid” stands as a testament to audio excellence, showcased on exquisite gold-colored vinyl. The instrumentals, meticulously separated, breathe new life into this cornerstone track, which graced the top of Billboard’s best-selling album chart in 1973.

Lonnie Jordan’s masterful keyboard strokes, a hallmark of War’s musical identity, shine brilliantly on tracks like the expansive “City, Country, City,” an extended jam session. As a delightful bonus, separate vinyl records in this set feature gems such as “Lee’s Latin Jam,” adorned with spirited and robust horn arrangements.

A standout moment in this commemorative release is the opportunity to witness the band’s creative process in crafting “The Cisco Kid.” An entire LP side is dedicated to a captivating 25-minute journey, where the group meticulously explores various percussion techniques for the song’s outset and meticulously searches for the perfect vocal tone. The liner notes reveal that the song pays homage to the heroic Mexican caballero of comic book and television fame, recognized as “the only non-Anglo superhero on television.”

War’s enduring musical prowess has transcended decades, amassing over 20 gold, platinum, and multi-platinum records. Often compared to Santana, albeit with a distinct emphasis on horns over guitars, they swiftly became a cherished favorite within Southern California’s vibrant car culture scene.

In retrospect, War’s legacy continues to shine brightly, a testament to their enduring musical relevance.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Anniversary Tribute

Q: What is the significance of “The World Is a Ghetto” album by War?

A: “The World Is a Ghetto” is a pivotal album in the history of multicultural rock music, marked by its socially relevant lyrics and musical excellence.

Q: Who originally formed the band War, and how did it come into existence?

A: War was initially formed to support Eric Burdon, post his tenure with the Animals. However, the band soon evolved into an independent entity, driven by its growing fan base.

Q: What makes the 50th-anniversary remaster of “The Cisco Kid” stand out?

A: The remastered version on gold-colored vinyl offers exceptional audio quality, with meticulously separated instrumentals that breathe new life into this iconic track.

Q: Can you elaborate on Lonnie Jordan’s role in War’s music?

A: Lonnie Jordan’s keyboard skills were a defining element of War’s musical identity, prominently featured in tracks like “City, Country, City.”

Q: Why is “The Cisco Kid” particularly noteworthy in this release?

A: The release includes an entire LP side dedicated to the band’s creative process while crafting “The Cisco Kid,” offering an intriguing insight into their musical journey.

Q: What does the liner notes reveal about “The Cisco Kid” song?

A: The liner notes explain that “The Cisco Kid” pays tribute to a heroic Mexican caballero from comic books and television, recognized as a unique non-Anglo superhero.

Q: How did War’s music evolve over the years, and what is their enduring legacy?

A: War’s musical journey spanned decades, accumulating over 20 gold, platinum, and multi-platinum records. They are often likened to Santana and became an integral part of Southern California’s car culture scene.

Q: Where can I find more music reviews from AP?

A: For additional AP music reviews, you can visit https://bigbignews.net/music-reviews.

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MusicLover88 November 25, 2023 - 12:14 am

wow, dis review iz so cool. War’s music rly stood da test of time. i <3 how dey talk bout da Cisco Kid, dat’s my jam!


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