Rep. Jim Jordan Unsuccessful in Third Attempt for House Speaker Role

by Andrew Wright
Jim Jordan Withdrawn as Speaker Nominee

On Friday, Rep. Jim Jordan faced another defeat in his quest for the House Speaker’s gavel, as a consistent number of moderate Republicans dismissed his candidacy. These Republicans indicated that neither inducements nor threats would secure their votes for Jordan, a staunch supporter of former President Donald Trump.

Despite a factionalized GOP majority, Republicans seem to lack a cohesive strategy for electing a new House Speaker and resuming stalled Congressional activity. This leadership vacuum emerged when former Speaker Kevin McCarthy was forced out by hardliners at the beginning of the month.

Before the voting commenced, Jordan remained resolute, declaring in a press conference at the Capitol that “The American people are hungry for change.” Leveraging his Ohioan heritage, Jordan, who enjoys significant popularity among the GOP’s activist base, likened his underdog campaign to the historical feats of American innovators like the Wright brothers.

Kevin McCarthy himself endorsed Jordan on the House floor, describing him as a competent legislator open to compromise—a characterization that elicited laughter from Democratic lawmakers. McCarthy asserted that Jordan was “forthright, honest, and reliable.”

On the Democratic side, Leader Hakeem Jeffries was nominated, with Rep. Katherine Clark labeling Jordan—a critic of the 2020 election certification—as “a threat to democracy.” Clark insisted, “We need a speaker worthy of wielding the gavel.”

Jordan’s third bid for the Speaker role seemed doomed to fail, primarily due to the opposition from centrist Republicans disturbed by the aggressive tactics employed to gain their support. Harassing phone calls and even reported death threats were part of the unfortunate landscape.

Jordan’s standing continued to deteriorate as the vote proceeded, showing no improvement over the 20 and then 22 GOP members he lost in the earlier rounds this week.

For over two weeks, the House of Representatives has been paralyzed, hindering legislative processes at a time when the nation faces multiple domestic and international challenges. The GOP majority appears to be at an impasse, with no clear strategy to resolve the ongoing turmoil.

With the current House composition standing at 221 Republicans to 212 Democrats, any candidate can afford to lose only a few votes. Rep. Carlos Gimenez, R-Fla., noted post a Thursday meeting that Jordan lacked the requisite support and suggested that some lawmakers merely want Jordan to withdraw.

Unorthodox suggestions, such as empowering the interim Speaker Pro Tempore, Rep. Patrick McHenry, were swiftly dismissed by Jordan’s most conservative allies. Future actions remain uncertain, with a visibly frustrated GOP caucus predicting that the House could remain inactive until a mid-November deadline to approve Congressional funding.

Despite dwindling support, Jordan appeared to be defiant, willing to outlast his opposition even though his pathway to the Speakership seemed to be closing.

The challenge facing the GOP was summed up by Rep. Tom Cole, R-Okla., who remarked, “What this majority has done is prove it’s not a normal majority.”

While Jordan remains steadfast, critics within his party view him as too radical for such a pivotal role in American governance, one that puts him second in line for the presidency. Additionally, allegations from his past, including his denial of claims that he knew about abuse allegations during his time as an assistant wrestling coach at Ohio State University, cast further doubt on his suitability for the role.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about House Speaker bid

What was Rep. Jim Jordan’s recent political endeavor?

Rep. Jim Jordan recently made a third attempt to secure the role of House Speaker, a position pivotal in the U.S. governance structure.

Who primarily opposed Jim Jordan’s bid for House Speaker?

Moderate Republicans primarily opposed Jim Jordan’s candidacy for House Speaker, citing concerns over his hardline stances and questioning his suitability for the role.

Why was Kevin McCarthy ousted as House Speaker?

Kevin McCarthy was ousted from the Speaker position at the start of the month due to pressure from hardline members within the Republican Party, leaving a leadership void.

What was the state of the House of Representatives during this period?

The House has been in a state of paralysis for over two weeks, with legislative activity stalled. This has created challenges both domestically and internationally.

Did Rep. Jim Jordan show any signs of stepping down before the vote?

No, ahead of the vote, Rep. Jim Jordan held a Capitol press conference stating that “The American people are hungry for change,” signaling his intention to continue his campaign.

What alternative solutions have been proposed to break the stalemate?

One proposal involved empowering interim Speaker Pro Tempore, Rep. Patrick McHenry, to take on more responsibilities for several months. However, this idea was swiftly rejected by Jordan’s conservative allies.

What is the current composition of the House of Representatives?

As of the events described, the House of Representatives is comprised of 221 Republicans and 212 Democrats.

What implications do these events have for the Republican Party?

The events reveal a fractured Republican Party without a cohesive strategy for governance, raising questions about its ability to manage challenges at home and abroad.

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Jane Smith October 21, 2023 - 5:50 am

Wow, the GOP really can’t get it together. It’s like watching a ship without a captain. Is Jordan really the best they can offer?

Tom Williams October 21, 2023 - 7:37 am

Jordan’s a polarizing figure for sure, and it seems his own party isn’t behind him. Makes you wonder what kind of change he thinks the American people are hungry for.

Mark Johnson October 21, 2023 - 10:44 am

didn’t expect McCarthy to be ousted so quickly, and now they can’t find a replacement. What’s goin on with the Republican party?

Sara Miller October 21, 2023 - 1:21 pm

Kind of a shame that they couldn’t even consider McHenry as a temp. Solution. Would’ve at least got the House back to work, right?

Emily Roberts October 21, 2023 - 3:30 pm

If this is any indication of how they would govern, then it’s a concern. Divided parties don’t accomplish much. A House in turmoil isn’t good for anyone.


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