Renowned Candian-born Israeli peace activist, Vivian Silver, confirmed killed in Hamas attack

by Lucas Garcia
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Peace activist’s legacy

What was Vivian Silver’s background and role as a peace activist?

Vivian Silver was a Canadian-born Israeli peace activist who dedicated her life to seeking peace between Israel and the Palestinians. She was a dominant figure in various peace-promoting groups, including Israeli human rights organizations, and volunteered to help transport Gaza cancer patients to Israeli hospitals for medical care.

How did Vivian Silver tragically lose her life?

Vivian Silver was confirmed killed in a Hamas attack that occurred on October 7. She had been believed to be among the hostages held in the Gaza Strip for 38 days, and her family was notified of her death when the identification of some badly burned remains was completed.

What was Vivian Silver’s attitude and personality?

Vivian Silver was described as both sensitive and assertive. She had a strong spirit and core beliefs about the world and life. Despite the challenging circumstances, she maintained her sense of humor even during the attack, according to her son.

What was her perspective on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?

Vivian Silver advocated for a diplomatic agreement to end the conflict. She believed in the importance of stopping the cycle of violence and had expressed her desire to work towards a peaceful resolution to prevent future wars.

How is her legacy being carried forward?

Vivian Silver’s son, Yonatan Zeigen, has taken on the responsibility of continuing her work for peace. He expressed his determination to create something new in the direction of what his mother worked for, carrying on her legacy of peace advocacy.

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CurrentEventsFan November 14, 2023 - 9:23 pm

tragic story abt vivian silver, but important to know her story n what she stood for. ✌️


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