Relatives Honoring Lives Lost: Burying the Children Killed in Russian Missile Attack

by Joshua Brown
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On Sunday, people in Uman, Ukraine were heartbroken when they had to bury those who died during a Russian missile attack. The attack killed 23 people and six of them were kids. And sadly, more lives were lost due to the war that has been going on for over a year.

Mykhayl Shulha, 6, hugged his relatives sadly as he looked at the coffins of his 11-year-old sister Sofia and a 17-year-old boy. Everyone around was lighting up candles and praying while the priest in the Church of the Icon of the Mother of God “Quick to Hear” waved an incense making everyone feel sad due to this tragedy impacting their community.

Father Fyodor Botsu said he lives close to the destroyed building in Uman and that he knew the children nearby since they were very young. He mentioned that he has been living in this city for 15 years and that as a parent, it worries him deeply. He also prayed for peace to come back to his city and his country. People also brought flowers and pictures of those affected by the disaster to the damaged building.

Four people died and two others were hurt in an attack from Ukraine on Sunday. The attack involved rockets hitting homes in a village called Suzemka which is close to the border with Ukraine (about 6 miles away). Alexander Bogomaz, the governor of a nearby Russian region said that defense systems managed to knock some of the incoming shells down.

Bryansk and the nearby Belgorod area have had a lot of shelling coming from across the border during the war. In March, two people died in an attack by Ukrainian soldiers in the Bryansk region.

Also, on Sunday, Oleksandr Prokudin (the Governor) reported that one person was killed from artillery fire from Russia that hit his Kherson region 27 times in 24 hours.

The Ukrainian army is planning to fight back against Russia this spring, and they are going to do it in the Kherson area. Kherson is a place where you can get to Crimea and other places that belong to Ukraine, but have been taken over by Russia. The Ukrainian forces chased away the Russian troops from Kherson last year, which was an important win for Ukraine.

President Volodymy Zelenskyy said that even if not all of the military supplies have arrived yet, the counteroffensive will still happen.

President Zelenskyy said that he wanted to wait for the weapons and defense strategies that were promised, but unfortunately it didn’t quite work out as planned. He then added that they are taking into account the weather when deciding their next move.

Ukraine really wants to get some fighter jets but their president, Zelenskyy said they won’t wait to start fighting just so they can have time to practice because he doesn’t want Russia to think they are going to delay the attack. He spoke with French President Macron about getting the weapons and was happy that it seemed like it would happen quickly.

France’s president, Mr. Macron, said that he will give Ukraine support to help restore their independence and make sure all parts of the country are free again. He also talked about European countries providing military aid in the long-term.

The leader of a Russian team fighting in Ukraine said that the Ukrainian army will start to attack back on May 15. This is because the rain will be over and everything will dry up enough for tanks and guns to move around.

In Ukraine, two regions called Sumy and Chernihiv were shot at eleven times during the night on Sunday. In Nikopol which is located in Ukraine’s Dnipropetrovsk region, a 48-year-old resident was killed while two other people got injured. Also, buildings like multi-story houses and private units, gas pipelines and power lines were damaged.

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