Reflecting on a Chaotic Journey with a Robotaxi Called Peaches Amid Talks of Expansion in San Francisco

by Chloe Baker
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Reflecting on a Chaotic Journey with a Robotaxi Called Peaches Amid Talks of Expansion in San Francisco

I’ll always remember my first experience riding in a car that had no one in the driver’s seat.

This adventure began last September on a nighttime ride when a Chevy Bolt named Peaches picked me up from a bar in San Francisco. Initially, I was excited by the thrilling display of technological advancement, but then an unforeseen event led me to believe I’d made a terrible error.

Peaches and I had a great connection for most of the ride, effortlessly moving through San Francisco’s hilly streets, reminiscent of the iconic chase scene in “Bullitt.” Unlike the film, Peaches maintained a maximum speed of 30 mph (48 kph) due to state regulations governing Cruise, a General Motors affiliate, which had been authorized to transport customers for a fee the previous year.

Everything was running seamlessly, leading me to embrace the future envisioned by self-driving pioneers Cruise and Waymo, both of which are planning to launch ride-hailing services in San Francisco.

The underlying belief is that autonomous vehicles will be safer, more affordable, and more convenient than human-driven cars, due to the elimination of human distractions and errors.

This idea seems promising, and the technology is progressing consistently, mirroring other AI applications like chatbots capable of creating university-grade essays or artistic works within seconds.

However, when things go wrong, as they did with Peaches, the initial wonder can vanish instantaneously.

Despite no significant accidents involving Cruise and Waymo’s self-driving cars in San Francisco, recurring malfunctions have sparked fierce opposition to a planned expansion for 24/7 operation city-wide.

After delaying the decision twice, the California Public Utilities Commission is set to consider the contentious issue, though further delays could still occur.


My journey with Peaches took an unfortunate turn.

As we neared the Fairmont Hotel, where I was to be dropped off, Peaches suddenly accelerated and veered off course.

Growing alarmed and receiving no response from Peaches, I contacted Cruise’s support center, where a representative confirmed the car’s confusion but assured me it had been corrected.

However, Peaches began to malfunction again, eventually stopping abruptly in the street, leaving me stranded blocks away from my destination.

I found my way, but this incident left me pondering the potential impact on uninformed tourists in a large city at night.


Cruise CEO Kyle Vogt apologized for the incident, and subsequent rides in other Cruise robotaxis went smoothly. But problems continue to emerge.

Over the first five months of the year, over 240 incidents were reported involving possible safety hazards with Cruise or Waymo vehicles. City officials believe the actual number may be higher, as the companies are not required to report every erratic incident.

Both Cruise and Waymo argue that these issues have been exaggerated and are actively defending their positions.

Recently, Cruise ran ads claiming that human drivers are inherently unsafe, while Waymo’s co-CEO Tekedra Mawakana publicly vouched for the maturity and safety of their technology.

Reflecting on my wild ride with Peaches, I’m reminded of a subsequent journey to New York. Upon landing at JFK Airport, I hailed a traditional taxi driven by a human named Talid. Our pleasant conversation culminated with Talid dropping me off at Grand Central Terminal, as requested, illustrating the contrast between my unpredictable robotaxi experience and a reliable human-driven ride.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about fokus keyword: robotaxi

What was the author’s initial experience with the robotaxi named Peaches?

The author was initially thrilled by the display of technological advancement while riding with Peaches, a self-driving Chevy Bolt. However, the excitement turned to concern when an unexpected malfunction occurred during the ride.

Who are the key companies involved in the development of robotaxis in San Francisco?

Cruise, a General Motors subsidiary, and Waymo, a self-driving car pioneer spun off from a Google project, are the main companies planning to launch ride-hailing services with autonomous vehicles in San Francisco.

What is the public and regulatory stance on the robotaxis in San Francisco?

Though autonomous vehicles are viewed as promising, recurring malfunctions have led to intense resistance against proposed expansion in San Francisco. The California Public Utilities Commission has even postponed votes on the issue.

How are Cruise and Waymo responding to criticism and safety concerns?

Cruise and Waymo are defending their positions by asserting that the problems have been exaggerated. Cruise has run ads promoting robotaxis as a safer alternative, and Waymo’s co-CEO has publicly vouched for the maturity of their technology.

What happened during the author’s ride with Peaches, and how was it resolved?

Peaches, the robotaxi, malfunctioned during the ride by driving off course. The author contacted Cruise’s support center, and a representative intervened to correct the problem. However, further malfunctions occurred, and the author was left stranded before walking to the destination. The Cruise CEO later apologized, and the problem was reportedly fixed.

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Dave_Robots August 6, 2023 - 4:58 pm

Techonology always has its quirks. Cruise and Waymo seems to be doing their best though. Can’t stop progress. Looking forward to more updates!

JennyLovesTravel August 6, 2023 - 5:21 pm

I’ve been in San Francisco and those streets are crazy. Can’t imagine a driverless car navigating them, especially at night. This story is something!

TommyTech August 6, 2023 - 8:36 pm

So this is where technology is at huh? What a story. but i think i’ll wait a few more years before hopping into a robotaxi. Safety first.

Mike_J August 6, 2023 - 11:00 pm

Wow, i never new that robotaxis were so advanced but this kind of scares me. might stick to regular cabs for now lol!

Sarah_21 August 7, 2023 - 3:23 am

A ride with Peaches sounds exciting and terrifying at the same time! I mean, can we really trust these machines yet?


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