Recurring Calf Issue for Joe Burrow Spells Concern for Winless Bengals

by Ryan Lee
Joe Burrow's calf injury

Joe Burrow is experiencing calf discomfort once more, signaling that the Bengals’ current 0-2 record may diverge from their performance last season.

In 2022, the Cincinnati Bengals had a sluggish start, losing their initial two games. However, the team found its stride with Burrow at the helm, finishing the season at 12-4 and capturing the AFC North title.

The present year has proven to be even more challenging. Burrow was absent from training camp due to a calf injury and subsequently signed a $275 million contract before the season’s commencement, making him the highest-earning NFL player in terms of average annual salary. Despite this, he underperformed in the season-opener against the Cleveland Browns.

On Sunday, in a narrow 27-24 defeat against the Baltimore Ravens, Burrow showed improvement but exited the game in the late stages of the fourth quarter, visibly attending to his calf on the sideline. While he indicated the possibility of returning to the game had there been another opportunity, uncertainty looms over his condition in the days ahead.

“The calf is significantly sore,” stated Burrow. “Its future status remains unpredictable, and we will assess it over the coming days.”

Further complicating matters for Cincinnati is the fact that their two losses this season are against AFC North adversaries, placing them at a disadvantage as they prepare for a Monday night matchup against the Los Angeles Rams. In contrast, only one of their first two games last season was against a divisional rival.

Cincinnati will play seven games before they face another division opponent, scheduled for November 16 against Baltimore.

The team’s first offensive touchdown of the season was not achieved until the latter part of the third quarter. The offense did manage to add another score in the final quarter, showing signs of revival.

“When a quarterback is absent from training camp, achieving a strong start becomes increasingly challenging,” acknowledged Burrow.

Though sacked only once, Burrow’s offensive line showed considerable improvement over their previous performance against Cleveland.

“Burrow performed exceedingly well,” commented head coach Zac Taylor. “His protection was outstanding, and it felt like the offense was gaining momentum.”

Despite these positive signs, Burrow threw an interception within the red zone during the Bengals’ first possession of the second half.

“We effectively moved the ball throughout the game,” Burrow noted. “While we executed well in the first half and gained traction in the second, that red-zone turnover became pivotal.”

Burrow completed 27 out of 41 passes for a total of 222 yards. Remarkably, 219 of the Bengals’ 282 total offensive yards were accumulated after halftime.

Historically, NFL teams with an 0-2 start face a steep climb to secure a playoff spot, let alone achieve the kind of AFC championship run that Cincinnati experienced last year.

“Despite the challenging start, the 17-game season offers ample opportunity for recovery,” Taylor said optimistically. “We will make necessary adjustments and proceed accordingly.”

Burrow himself remains unflinchingly optimistic. “We need to focus on excellent practice sessions and build from there,” he said. “Being 0-2 is not ideal, but we’ve overcome similar odds before. We are resilient and will make a comeback.”

Source: AP NFL: https://bigbignews.net/nfl

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Joe Burrow’s calf injury

What is the main issue concerning Joe Burrow and the Cincinnati Bengals?

The main issue is Joe Burrow’s recurring calf injury, which has raised concerns about his ability to perform at his best and lead the Cincinnati Bengals to a successful season. The team is currently 0-2, adding urgency to the situation.

How did the Bengals perform in the previous season?

In the 2022 NFL season, the Cincinnati Bengals finished with a 12-4 record and won the AFC North. They rallied behind Joe Burrow, suggesting his current injury could have significant implications for the team’s performance this season.

What are some challenges that the Bengals are currently facing?

In addition to Burrow’s calf injury, the Bengals have lost their first two games of the 2023 season, both to AFC North rivals. This puts them in a difficult position as they prepare for future games, including a Monday night matchup against the Los Angeles Rams.

What was the Bengals’ offense performance like in the recent game?

The Bengals’ first offensive touchdown of the 2023 season came late in the third quarter of their recent game against the Baltimore Ravens. Despite losing, they showed signs of offensive life, especially in the fourth quarter, but concerns remain.

Did Joe Burrow play the entire recent game against the Baltimore Ravens?

No, Joe Burrow exited the game late in the fourth quarter due to his calf issue. He was seen attending to his calf on the sideline, adding to concerns about his fitness level and ability to lead the team effectively in the upcoming games.

What are the historical implications of an 0-2 start in the NFL?

Historically, NFL teams that start with an 0-2 record face a difficult path to securing a playoff spot, let alone reaching the AFC championship, as the Bengals did last year.

What is the team’s outlook for the rest of the season?

According to head coach Zac Taylor, the team is optimistic and believes there are many positive aspects to build upon. However, the season is still young, and the Bengals will need to make adjustments, especially concerning Burrow’s calf issue, to improve their chances of success.

Is Joe Burrow optimistic about the future?

Yes, despite the challenges, Joe Burrow remains optimistic. He emphasized the need for strong practice sessions and believes that the team can bounce back, citing their resilience as a defining characteristic.

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SkepticalSally September 18, 2023 - 12:10 pm

Does anyone else think that contract’s gonna backfire? Highest-paid player and he’s already limping? not good signs.

FootballFanatic September 18, 2023 - 3:04 pm

Pretty good breakdown. but what about the defense? They’re not exactly holding up their end of the bargain either.

Insightful_Ian September 18, 2023 - 3:14 pm

Gotta say, Burrow’s resilience gives me hope. Being 0-2 ain’t the end of the world. We’ve bounced back before, we can do it again.

QuarterbackQueen September 18, 2023 - 4:31 pm

How much of this is on the O-line? One sack is good but they gotta protect their star player better, especially with that calf.

BengalsBeliever September 18, 2023 - 8:25 pm

Why sign a guy for $275 million if he’s not fit? Hope he recovers soon, season’s long but we can’t afford more setbacks.

StatsGuru September 19, 2023 - 12:57 am

0-2 start? Historically, that’s not good news for play-off hopes. Good article but a bit more on that woulda been nice.

JohnDoe123 September 19, 2023 - 3:40 am

Man, if Burrow’s calf keeps actin up, the Bengals are toast this season. We need him at 100%.


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