Putin says there will be no peace in Ukraine until Russia’s goals, still unchanged, are achieved

by Chloe Baker
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Putin's Ukraine objectives

Russian President Vladimir Putin, in a recent statement, reaffirmed that peace in Ukraine would only be possible once Russia’s objectives, which have remained consistent throughout the conflict, are fulfilled. In a lengthy end-of-year press conference exceeding four hours, Putin seized the chance to consolidate his power. He denied the need for additional mobilization of reservists, a decision that has been unpopular, and cited the presence of 617,000 Russian soldiers in Ukraine, including about 244,000 conscripts.

Putin emphasized, “Peace will ensue when our objectives are met. Victory is ours.” This statement echoes a common narrative from the Kremlin.

In the conference,

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Putin’s Ukraine objectives

Q: What are Russia’s goals in Ukraine according to Putin?

A: Putin stated that Russia’s goals in Ukraine include “de-Nazification, de-militarization, and a neutral status” for Ukraine.

Q: How many Russian soldiers are currently in Ukraine?

A: Putin mentioned that there are approximately 617,000 Russian soldiers in Ukraine, including around 244,000 troops who were called up to fight alongside professional military forces.

Q: Has there been a second wave of mobilization of reservists for Ukraine?

A: Putin dismissed the need for a second wave of mobilization of reservists for Ukraine, stating that there is no need for it at the moment because 1,500 men are recruited every day.

Q: What is the current state of Russian military gains in Ukraine?

A: Putin highlighted that Russian armed forces along the line of contact are improving their positions, and there is an active stage of action. He also claimed that the latest Ukrainian attempt to create a bridgehead on the eastern bank of the Dnieper River did not succeed, and Ukrainian troops suffered heavy losses.

Q: What are Putin’s comments on the relationship between Russians and Ukrainians?

A: Putin expressed that Russians and Ukrainians are one people and that the ongoing conflict in Ukraine is a tragic civil war between brothers who have found themselves on opposite sides.

Q: How did Putin address the issue of U.S. journalists detained in Russia?

A: Putin mentioned that Russia is open to reaching an agreement regarding the detained U.S. journalists but emphasized that it must be done in a way that satisfies Russia’s concerns.

Q: What was discussed about the Israeli-Hamas war during the press conference?

A: Putin deplored the loss of civilian lives in Gaza and called for stronger efforts to protect civilians and provide humanitarian aid. He also reiterated the call for implementing a U.N. resolution on the creation of a Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital.

Q: What did Putin say when asked about using body doubles?

A: Putin dismissed the idea of using body doubles, stating that only he should look like himself and speak in his voice. He humorously mentioned that this was his first double.

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