Prince William Takes Important Step to Support Ukraine: Visits Poland

by Joshua Brown
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Prince William recently made a surprise trip to Poland. His visit showed the UK’s support for Poland, which is helping refugees who are escaping Russia’s war in Ukraine and also aiding Ukraine’s military as they battle against Russia’s invasion.

While in Rzeszow, a city with 200,000 people located in southeastern Poland, the Prince met up with British and Polish troops that have been working hard to get military and humanitarian aid sent to those affected by this conflict in Ukraine.

Rzeszow is located 40 miles away from Ukraine. William wants to visit a center in Warsaw, which currently has 300 people from Ukraine staying there. He will meet with President Andrzej Duda and talk to some Ukrainian kids who are living and studying in Poland on Thursday.

The U.K. is a strong supporter of NATO’s actions against the Russian aggression in Eastern Europe. The troops from the U.K. have been sent to Poland, Baltic states and Ukraine, and these countries have also been given more than $2.8 billion worth of military support from the U.K., plus another $269 million has been pledged for humanitarian aid by the U.K. as well

The popular prince is 40 years old and both a military veteran and an air-sea rescue pilot. British political leaders have gone to Poland in the past to show their support for NATO and Ukraine, but sending a special royal like Prince William carries extra meaning. He can thank soldiers for their service without getting involved in politics.

The prince is going to have meetings with people from Ukraine who escaped to Poland. This will help tell the world about how these people now have a place to stay in Poland.

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