Prime shocker: Colorado upsets No. 17 TCU 45-42 in Deion Sanders’ debut as Buffs coach

by Ryan Lee
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Coach Deion Sanders

Colorado pulls off a surprising victory, upsetting the 17th-ranked TCU team by a narrow margin of 45-42 in a game that marked Deion Sanders’ debut as the head coach of the Buffaloes. After months of anticipation and hype, the Buffs were well-prepared for this high-stakes matchup.

Shedeur Sanders, the coach’s son, showcased his prowess by throwing for an impressive 510 yards and securing four touchdowns. The decisive play that sealed the victory was a 46-yard catch-and-run executed by freshman Dylan Edwards with just 4 minutes and 25 seconds remaining in the game. The triumph over TCU, which had been the national runner-up the previous year, caught many off guard and marked a significant opening statement for the Buffaloes.

Deion Sanders had embarked on a mission to rejuvenate the dormant Colorado program, resulting in a remarkable roster transformation. Notably, the inclusion of standout players like Travis Hunter, Edwards, and Shedeur Sanders among the 87 new additions injected new life into a team that had only secured a single victory in the previous season and struggled to maintain winning records since 2005.

This victory already cements Deion Sanders’ legacy as a coach, with his inaugural win as a major college football coach signaling a promising journey ahead. Edwards proved to be a key asset, contributing three touchdowns and a 75-yard catch early in the second half that showcased his ability to turn short passes into significant gains. He also contributed a rushing touchdown.

Travis Hunter, a highly sought-after recruit, made his presence felt by contributing 11 catches for 119 yards. Notably, he excelled both as a receiver and a defensive back, playing a role in one of the two interceptions made against TCU’s Chandler Morris, particularly in or near the end zone.

The game statistics were impressive, with Sanders completing 38 of 47 passes and Colorado boasting four receivers who each gained over 100 yards: Hunter, Edwards, Jimmy Horn Jr., and Xavier Weaver. Colorado outgained TCU with a total yardage of 565 to 541.

Chandler Morris, TCU’s quarterback, completed 24 of 42 passes for 279 yards and two touchdowns. The standout performances extended beyond passing, with Emani Baily amassing 165 rushing yards and Trey Sanders securing three touchdown runs, including a crucial 1-yard run that gave TCU a 42-38 lead following Major Everhart’s 86-yard kickoff return.

Edwards’ game-winning play unfolded on a fourth-down situation, as he caught a pass in the flats, executed a slight hesitation move, and then surged down the sideline, outpacing the TCU defense. The final moments of the game saw TCU’s efforts come to an end with a fourth-down stop near midfield. With this win, Colorado, currently competing in its final season in the Pac-12 before rejoining the Big 12 conference alongside TCU, was able to effectively manage the clock and secure the victory.

Looking ahead, Colorado will host their home opener against Nebraska (0-1) on Saturday, marking an anticipated matchup between Deion Sanders and new coach Matt Rhule. This encounter holds significance, given that it is only the third meeting between the teams since 2010, the last season they were both part of the Big 12 conference.

On the other hand, TCU is scheduled to play against FCS team Nicholls (0-1) in their next game, which takes place on the following Saturday night.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Coach Deion Sanders

What was the outcome of Deion Sanders’ debut as Buffaloes coach against TCU?

In his much-anticipated coaching debut, Deion Sanders led the Buffaloes to a stunning upset victory over 17th-ranked TCU, securing a 45-42 win.

Who were the standout performers for Colorado in this game?

Shedeur Sanders, the coach’s son, showcased his talent by throwing for 510 yards with four touchdowns. Freshman Dylan Edwards made the game-winning catch, while Travis Hunter and Shedeur Sanders made significant contributions.

How did Deion Sanders’ coaching impact Colorado’s performance?

Deion Sanders’ coaching brought revitalization to the Colorado program, resulting in an impressive roster transformation with 87 newcomers. This victory marked a significant milestone in his coaching journey.

What key plays contributed to Colorado’s victory?

Dylan Edwards’ 46-yard catch-and-run for a touchdown in the final minutes stood out as the game-winning play. Additionally, Travis Hunter’s reception and defensive efforts, along with the exceptional passing performance by Shedeur Sanders, played pivotal roles.

How did the performance of TCU’s players compare?

TCU’s Chandler Morris threw for 279 yards and two touchdowns, while Emani Baily and Trey Sanders made notable contributions in rushing. However, their efforts were not enough to secure a win against Colorado’s strong performance.

What lies ahead for both Colorado and TCU?

Colorado is set to face Nebraska in their home opener, while TCU will play against FCS team Nicholls in their next game. These matchups offer further opportunities for both teams to prove their strengths in the college football landscape.

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