President Biden’s Yearlong Preparations for Contending with Impeachment: A Strategic Outlook

by Ethan Kim
Biden's impeachment strategy

In Washington, D.C., House Republicans demonstrated unanimous support for House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s declaration of an impeachment investigation concerning President Joe Biden. Meanwhile, the President was engrossed in a discussion at the White House about the bipartisan approach to combating cancer, deliberately sidestepping inquiries concerning impeachment.

The President’s actions reflect a broader agenda concerning his bid for reelection: the premise that effective governance will secure him another term, irrespective of the ongoing impeachment conversations.

“I have responsibilities,” President Biden stated during a private reelection fundraiser in Virginia, making his most comprehensive remarks about the impeachment investigation thus far. “My daily routine isn’t centered around impeachment. I must focus on the challenges that the American public faces every single day.”

This demeanor, emphasizing rising above political divisions, forms the core of the White House’s plan to counter impeachment attempts initiated by Republicans. The GOP is striving to associate Biden with the commercial activities of his son, Hunter, as they simultaneously attempt to divert focus from Donald Trump’s legal issues.

Further Insights on Biden’s Impeachment Proceedings

The Biden administration has been laying the groundwork for combating a potential impeachment since Republicans regained control of the House in the last November elections. Approximately 24 staff members from the counsel’s office have been allocated to this issue. Ed Siskel, the new chief counsel and a former attorney from the Obama administration, brings experience in dealing with congressional inquiries, notably the investigation into the 2012 Benghazi attack.

The White House’s approach can be summarized in three words: Dismiss. Compartmentalize. Reprimand.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre characterized the impeachment investigation as a “political gimmick,” and redirected any detailed queries to the office of the White House counsel. As for the House Republicans, she urged them to “focus on legitimate issues that genuinely impact the American populace.”

However, navigating this impeachment inquiry proves complicated for President Biden, given its intimate focus on his relationship with his son Hunter, who is both a point of familial pride and a source of political vulnerability. Despite exhaustive research, Republicans have yet to produce significant evidence implicating the elder Biden in any wrongdoing.

Attorneys for Hunter Biden maintain a consistent message, urging Congress to focus on governance rather than political spectacle. In parallel, lawyers for Hunter Biden have filed a lawsuit accusing Garrett Ziegler, a former aide to Trump, of violating computer privacy laws.

Changing Dynamics in the Wake of Formal Inquiry

Although the fundamental strategy of the White House remains constant, the formal announcement of an impeachment inquiry does alter the situation slightly. Brushing off questions is becoming increasingly difficult. Consequently, the Biden reelection campaign has begun to disseminate fundraising emails and messages decrying the investigation.

Impeachment has seldom been invoked in American history, making comparisons difficult. Nonetheless, Lanny Davis, who was the public face of the Clinton administration during President Bill Clinton’s impeachment, asserts that the Biden administration’s current response is effective and might very well lead to a political backlash against the GOP.

The scenario remains unprecedented, yet what is clear is that the Biden administration has been meticulously preparing for this moment, focusing on governance while compartmentalizing the legal aspects of the impeachment inquiry. Meanwhile, President Biden remains resolutely committed to his policy agenda, leaving the impeachment chatter to be dealt with by legal and political experts.

Contributions to this report were made by Will Weissert, Chris Megerian, Stephen Groves, Farnoush Amiri, and Lisa Mascaro of Big Big News.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Biden’s impeachment strategy

What is the main focus of the article?

The main focus of the article is to explore President Joe Biden’s strategy for dealing with the impeachment inquiry initiated by House Republicans. It looks into how Biden’s approach to governance serves both as a reelection strategy and as a countermeasure against the impeachment proceedings.

How is the Biden administration responding to the impeachment inquiry?

The Biden administration has adopted a three-fold strategy: Dismiss the allegations as baseless, compartmentalize the legal aspects by focusing on governance, and reprimand those who give undue attention to the impeachment. About 24 staff members from the White House counsel’s office have been detailed to deal with the impeachment matter.

What role does Ed Siskel play in this strategy?

Ed Siskel is the new chief counsel for the White House, and he is a former Obama administration attorney. He brings experience in handling congressional inquiries, notably the investigation into the 2012 Benghazi attack. He is part of the team detailed to the impeachment issue.

What is the viewpoint of House Republicans on the impeachment?

House Republicans, led by Speaker Kevin McCarthy, are unanimously supporting the impeachment inquiry. They are attempting to link President Biden to the commercial activities of his son, Hunter, and allege a “culture of corruption” around the Biden family.

How does this impeachment inquiry compare to past impeachments?

The article suggests that the impeachment inquiry against Biden is more personal in nature, focusing on his relationship with his son Hunter. It draws a parallel with the impeachment of President Bill Clinton in the late 1990s, which was also more focused on personal conduct rather than policy or governance.

Is the impeachment affecting Biden’s policy agenda?

As of now, President Biden continues to emphasize his policy agenda, including discussions on issues like fighting cancer. The article suggests that he is trying to compartmentalize the impeachment issue, leaving it to the legal experts while he focuses on governance.

What are Hunter Biden’s attorneys saying about the inquiry?

Hunter Biden’s legal team advises that instead of focusing on a political sideshow, Congress should concentrate on the actual work of governance. They describe the impeachment proceedings as a waste of time and taxpayer money.

How does this impeachment inquiry affect Biden’s reelection campaign?

The Biden reelection campaign has started to issue fundraising emails and messages condemning the impeachment probe. The situation has complicated the campaign somewhat, making it more challenging for Biden to simply dismiss questions related to impeachment.

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Ann_K September 14, 2023 - 12:10 pm

Reading this, I can’t help but remember the Clinton impeachment. History kinda repeating itself? Only time will tell.

DanTheMan September 14, 2023 - 1:21 pm

Didn’t know about the fundraising angle. Looks like Biden’s camp is gonna use this as a rallying point. Risky, but might actually work.

MikeJ September 14, 2023 - 4:57 pm

Man, this is some serious stuff. Biden’s really trying to shrug off the impeachment like it’s no big deal. Does he really think ppl are gonna ignore it?

Jay.R September 14, 2023 - 9:43 pm

McCarthy and the GOP are really going all in on this. Its almost like theyre throwing anything at the wall and seein what sticks.

Liz_Q September 14, 2023 - 11:46 pm

Hunter Biden again? Can we just focus on real issues? I’m so done with this political circus.

Tom_G September 15, 2023 - 4:21 am

Intriguing read. The White House’s approach to Dismiss, Compartmentalize and Scold. That’s a strategy, alright. But will it work, especially when reelection is on the line?

Sarah_W September 15, 2023 - 7:40 am

I can’t believe we’re back to impeachment talks again! Just when you thought politics couldn’t get messier… Biden seems calm tho. Is that good or bad?

EmilyS September 15, 2023 - 9:22 am

Whoa, Ed Siskel is on the team? The guy’s got experience with this kinda thing. Could be a game changer for Biden.


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